Twitter Is Completely Divided Over Madison’s Ultimatum for Peter During Fantasy Suites

Wow. I am still recovering from last night’s episode of The Bachelor and how Peter Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss just left that jet ski to float off on its own in the middle of the ocean. But aside from that scene, perhaps the most mind-boggling bit of the show last night revolved around Madison Prewett, how she is waiting until marriage to have sex, and how she eventually told Peter.

As any Bach Nation fan knows, the fantasy suite episodes are all about having one-on-one time to connect on a more intimate level. Meaning, Peter and the three remaining contestants had the option to spend the night together to talk, cuddle, have sex, or do whatever they please, really!

Before the dates actually went down, Madison, who has been open about how important her faith is to her, pulled Peter to sorta give him an ultimatum. She told him:

After Peter went through several levels of confusion about what she was trying to say, she added, “In no way do I want to give you an ultimatum or tell you what you can and can’t do. But for me, actions speak louder than words.”

If you read between the lines, it’s pretty clear that Madison would prefer it if Peter didn’t have sex with Victoria or Hannah. And if you read Twitter, you can see everyone is totally divided about Madiso’s stance, how she told him, and if she even remembers that he is Peter “F*cked Hannah Brown Four Times in a Windmill” Weber.

Madison: I don’t want to give you an ultimatum

Also Madison: I made it very clear that if he made certain decisions he would lose me

??? #TheBachlor

Madison: I’m not giving you an ultimatum
Also Madison: if you sleep with other women I’m leaving #thebachelor

i like madison but is she forgetting that the peter she’s giving this ‘virginity ultimatum’ too is the same peter that had sex in a windmill FOUR TIMES with the last bachelorette ??? big confused right now #TheBachelor

Update: how the hell is Madison giving Peter an ultimatum about sex when she knows damn well he fucked Hannah B 4 times last season #TheBachelor

And then there are a bunch of people defending her and dragging Peter at the same time.


It’s not an ultimatum if you are being honest about your beliefs and your feelings! How many of you would be able to get engaged to someone knowing they just slept with two other people less than a week later? WE STAN FOR MADISON! #TheBachelor

Let’s get one thing straight: there is no comparison between Luke P and Madison. In no way did she give him an ultimatum, she just said these were her beliefs n she wasn’t sure if she’s be comfortable which is fair and her right. She told him now so he’d be aware. #TheBachelor

I 100% agree with Madison’s ultimatum here but I’m not sure what she expected coming on this show #TheBachelor

Switching gears (pun intended) I don’t know how anybody can defend Peter here. If he really came to find his wife and thinks it’s Madison and she gives you ultimatum you don’t fuck the other girls. It’s pretty simple. If you came on to fuck other girls you fuck em #TheBachelor

At the end of the episode, before Peter and Madison would’ve gone to their fantasy suite, he ended up telling her that he was intimate with the other women. (The producers really knew what they were doing by making her go last.)

The producers putting Madison’s fantasy suite last after giving Peter the ultimatum#TheBachelor

Spoiler: She did not handle it well. TBH, she said she’d have a hard time if he was intimate with them, so no surprises here.

The episode ended on Madison walking out of their dinner date to process everything because, like she already said, she’d have trouble accepting the engagement knowing Peter was connecting with the other contestants on a more physical level legit days before the proposal.

And now we have to wait six days to see how this all panned out and if Peter still has that confused look on his face despite her warning him that this would happen.

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