Vigil fans furious as The One Show air clips from BBC drama ‘How about a spoiler alert!’

Vigil: Paterson Joseph discusses story of BBC drama

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Vigil is the new crime drama series that already has BBC viewers hooked. The series follows the mysterious disappearance of a Scottish fishing trawler and a death on-board a Trident nuclear submarine. Tension builds as the police are brought into conflict with the Navy and British security services. The One Show chatted about the new series on Tuesday night, however fans were left angered after they showed some clips from the series.

The One Show presenters Alex Scott and Jermaine Jenas welcomed Paterson Joseph onto the programme ahead of the series finale.

The actor is currently starring in the hit crime drama Vigil, playing Neil Newsome.

Viewers hit out at The One Show on Twitter after they aired some clips from Vigil and fans feared Paterson was close to spoiling the ending of the show.

Goggle Dave commented: “@BBCTheOneShow Hey, guys… how about a spoiler alert before doing a feature on a show I’m waiting to binge-watch next weekend? #Vigil #TheOneShow #SpoilerAlert.”

“#TheOneShow Some of us haven’t seen Vigil yet and are waiting until they have all the episodes recorded. Don’t give us any spoilers!” Wayne Newark fumed.

Jen Robson Tweeted: “Please do not do a spoiler on Vigil tonight. The record button has a purpose that many of us use to watch when convenient! Thanks #TheOneShow.”

Luckily The One Show didn’t quite go as far as to spoil the ending of the new drama series, but Paterson made some comments about the plot.

The actor said: “You said Alex earlier that you want to binge watch it?”

“Yes, it’s my Sunday,” Alex remarked, confessing her weekend telly plans.

However, Paterson surprisingly remarked: “I wouldn’t advise it. I mean I’m tense watching it and I know pretty much the ending.”

“But, that’s why you need to binge it though because you can’t be left on that cliffhanger. I need to know what’s next,” Alex said.

Paterson went on to share some more details about the plot of the crime drama.

He said: “The story of Vigil is that somebody dies aboard the boat and we have to have somebody come and investigate it.

“Suranne Jones as Detective Inspector Amy Silva comes on board and it’s a cat amongst the pigeons.

“We hate civilians, but also it’s about a crime and we don’t want anybody to panic on the boat,” he revealed.

Jermaine confessed he had only just started watching the show and asked Paterson to avoid revealing any spoilers.

The actor replied: “No, I wouldn’t dream of it. By the way, Jermaine, we didn’t know.

“Most of the cast didn’t know who the murderer was and the fact that the person who is responsible lied to us,” he explained.

“No!” Alex exclaimed, clearly shocked by the revelation.

“Yeah, we’ve got to bring that person back into the fold because we thought they were one thing and they were actually another,” Paterson added.

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.

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