Virgin River season 4: Lilly’s death contained huge ‘plot hole’ as fans expose flaws

Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for third season

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Netflix’s picturesque romantic drama followed nurse Melinda ‘Mel’ Monroe (played by Alexandra Breckenridge) as she relocated to the small town of Virgin River in need of a fresh start away from Los Angeles. A new job, new relationship and new friends later, she was faced with a major tragedy, her friend Lilly (Lynda Boyd) was diagnosed with cancer and viewers found a major plot hole with her illness.

The release of season three hit fans with an unexpected blow to a fan-favourite.

After a major cliffhanger in the season two finale, viewers were expecting to find out who shot Mel’s boyfriend Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) after she found him bleeding to death on the floor of his bar.

Instead, the Netflix streamers were faced with Lilly’s storyline after it was revealed that she had been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.

This was tough for fans to come to terms with because she had just reintegrated back into the local community after a series of setbacks forced her into a deep depression.

When Lilly was first introduced onscreen she was a concerned local who had heard the news of an abandoned baby.

In season one, Mel had discovered the baby at Doc Mullins’ (Tim Matheson) medical practice and the entire community went on a mission to find the mother.

It was later discovered that the newborn belonged to Lilly, as Mel had caught her breastfeeding the crying child.

Mel formed a bond with Lilly and helped her overcome her mental illness after diagnosing her with post-partum depression.

Many fans were confused with Lilly’s storyline and took to Reddit to expose their confusion about a major plot hole.

The user posted: “I have a lot of questions about Lilly suddenly having STAGE 4 Cancer, her baby is approximately 4 months old.

“I’m guessing Lilly didn’t go to the doctor for her entire pregnancy or did she go to Clear River?” they added.

The fan explained: “With all the tests and being considered high risk given her age, I doubt they wouldn’t have found her cancer at some point in her pregnancy.”

Questioning the timeline of her storyline, the viewer added: “If she didn’t have cancer during her pregnancy, you mean to tell me she jumped all the way to Stage 4 in a matter of weeks? Wouldn’t she have also had a lot of complications during her pregnancy with a fast-progressing cancer like that? It seems too wild.”

According to cancer in pregnancy is very uncommon and as doctors need to balance the health and safety of the baby they could advise against or delay certain treatments till after the birth.

They also highlight that the most common cancers diagnosed during pregnancy are breast cancer, cancer of the cervix, melanoma, lymphoma and acute leukaemia.

During a pregnancy, healthcare professionals would’ve done ultrasounds where some complications or irregularities would have been noticed.

Then an endoscopic ultrasound would’ve allowed the physician to see the pancreas which is located near the stomach and small intestine, ultimately diagnosing cancer.

Other fans agreed that this was a huge flaw in the Lilly storyline, and even commented: “The whole timeline of the show is absurd.”

They added: “If every season is only supposed to be a few weeks then none of it makes sense, so Mel moves there and creates deep connections in 5 min?”

All episodes of Virgin River are available to stream on Netflix

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