‘What the f***’ Gogglebox fans blast ‘dense’ Baggs family debate ‘He didn’t believe that!’

Gogglebox: Baggs family discuss butter

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The Baggs family began to discuss how butter was made when youngest son George made the hilarious admission, leaving his family members and viewers baffled. Channel 4 viewers were quick to comment as the Gogglebox family went on to debate how tomatoes were grown before Joe commented “We are thick as s***!”

While the family were talking, the subject of how butter is formed came up.

“I thought butter was butter,” 19-year-old George stated, confused by his family’s response.

“Where do you think butter comes from?” his mother Lisa asked, bewildered.

“I thought butter was butter,” he repeated as Joe added: “But obviously it’s dairy right? So what part of the cow do you think it comes from?”

George explained: “I thought the milk came out and then the butter came out after the milk.”

“Oh my good God alive!” Lisa gasped as Joe questioned: “What like the sludgy after bit, like a plug?”

He added: “That’s disgusting!” while Geroge commented: “Well, you learn something new every day, I guess.”

“Honestly… what school did you go to?” Joe asked before Lisa elaborated on where other foods come from.

“You do know, you get the microwavable jacket potatoes – which are filth – they don’t actually just make them in the supermarket.”

She went on: “They come out of the ground.” George replied: “I know that mum!”

He went on to argue: “It’s the same with tomatoes.”

“What do you mean tomatoes?” Lisa quizzed her son, still seeming baffled.

“Well, tomatoes come out of the ground,” Geroge answered confidently.

“No, they don’t come out of the ground,” Joe pointed out. “They grow on trees.”

“F***, we need to go to a f***ing farm,” George laughed, while Joe commented: “We are thick as s***.”

Fans of the show couldn’t help but pass remarks on the moment, with Twitter user @Mabel_Mouse writing: “‘Butter is not milk’, ‘I thought that the milk came out first then the butter came out after!’ Jesus Christ. Give me strength #Gogglebox.”

Chelle Fitz penned: “What the f***. Surely he didn’t believe a cow churned out butter after the milk. Man I thought I was dense.


@alex__cook posted: “So the butter comes out of a cow after the milk….. #Gogglebox.”

Sam Bell requested new members of the show as he shared: “Omg can we please have people with brain cells, where does butter come from? #gogglebox.”

@randomscouser85 commented: “I thought butter was butter is a keeper #Gogglebox.”

@Matts_Tweeting added: “Butter come out a cow and tomatoes come out the ground f***ing hell #Gogglebox.”

“He actually thought butter came out of the cows udders after the milk #Gogglebox,” (sic) @vamplacey chimed.

Gogglebox airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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