When is the next Love Island recoupling and who's currently paired up?

LOVE Island 2019 cast members have just over a week until one lucky couple will win the big whopping £50,000 prize.

Being in a "couple" is essential if they hope to be crowned the champions, so here's a look at who's with who, following the latest recoupling…

When is the next recoupling on Love Island?

An exact date for the next recoupling has not yet been revealed by ITV2.

Given the recent recoupling took place on Friday, July 19, 2019, it is fair to assume fans may have to wait a while for the next one.

The girls got to chose which guy they wanted to couple up with following the arrival of three new Islanders.

As there were equal numbers of female contestants to male cast members no one was sent home in episode 41.

That is until episode 42 on (Sunday, July 21) when Michael and Francesca were sent packing after their fellow Islanders decided their fate.

Who are the Love Island 2019 couples?

Anna and Jordan

After having to come to terms with the fact that she clearly didn't share a close connection with basketball hunk Ovie Soko, Anna Vakili went back to her previous partner Jordan Hames.

When she returned from Casa Amor, it wasn't long before the Kim Kardashian wannabe realised she had made a mistake by coupling up with Ovie, which was a decision that consequently left Jordan single.

After several discussions in the main villa, however, the two worked out their differences and noted that they both missed being with each other.

So Anna decided to get her man back, and that's exactly what she did.

The couple were then treated to the hideaway where viewers think that they had sex.

And the loved-up pair decided to stay together and remain coupled up on the latest recoupling on Sunday, 21 July.

Tommy and Molly-Mae

Despite his disdain of "shapes", Tommy Fury found himself in a triangle.

Maura Higgins and Molly Mae Hague vied for his attention, but despite the Irish grid girl's best efforts, it was Molly that he decided to couple up with.

The boxer then chose her again during the next recoupling.

Then the couple proved they were stronger than ever when they didn't stray when she went to Casa Amor and became an official couple when she returned to the main villa.

They are now officially girlfriend and boyfriend and have both dropped the L-bomb.

The doting couple decided to stay together following the latest recoupling on July 19.

Anton and Belle

After being unlucky in love throughout his time on Love Island, Anton Danyluk FINALLY coupled up for the right reasons.

He was with Lucie Donlan as friends so that she could stay in the competition.

However, he then found love with Belle Hassan and she decided to couple up with him again even after he gave his phone number to a checkout girl before kissing Anna in a game.

Amber and Greg

Amber certainly needed a lot of time to make up her mind whether she was going to give Michael another chance or continue with newcomer Greg.

Given that the Irish rugby player had treated her with nothing but respect – on top of the fact that he's obsessed with her – it would have been crazy for Amber not to pick Greg, right?

Well, the beauty therapist certainly didn't disappoint fans with her choice.

And though Michael said he expected Amber not to pick him, while he was waiting for an official answer from his former Island partner during the showdown, he actually became teary-eyed, which seemed to show that he was gutted by Amber's final call.

Maura and Curtis

After Curtis made it known to Francesca that he wanted to move forward with Maura instead, it was no brainer that the Irish grid girl was going to couple up with Amy's former half-boyfriend.

The two have been getting along splendidly in the villa, showing signs that there definitely could be a genuine connection between the two.

But now that they are officially a couple, it will be interesting to see how well they cope being paired up and whether or not it will change anything between them.

India and Ovie

India had been gushing about Ovie ever since she made her arrival, so the fact that she ended up choosing him as the guy she wanted to couple up with wasn't all that shocking.

Fans had also taken into consideration that the doting couple went on two dates together, with both occasions going smooth.

It wasn't long before Ovie went in for his first kiss with India, which somewhat sealed the deal for the glamour model, having previously entertained Chris' shenanigans before realising he just wasn't her ideal man.

Harley and Chris

Though she initially had her eyes on Ovie, Harley didn't really have much of a choice when it came to picking any other guy in the villa.

Given that most girls already knew who they were going to pick (or who they wanted to recouple with), the blonde bombshell was intrigued to see where things would go if she was to partner with Chris.

So far, the two have shared an endless amount of banter together, so there's definitely some kind of connection between the two, but since Chris was really pushing to get with India – who turned him down for Ovie – will their relationship last?

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