Who is Armie Hammer's father and is the actor related to Armand Hammer?

ARMIE Hammer has found himself the hot topic of news after a string of dark claims about his sexual preferences.

The Hollywood star, 34, hails from a very distinguished Californian oil family.

Who is Armie Hammer's father Michael?

65-year-old Michael was born September 8, 1955 and is an American businessman and oil tycoon.

He is the son of Julian Armand Hammer and the grandson of industrialist Armand Hammer.

He is best known for his ties to his late grandfather's oil company Occidental Petroleum.

Michael also owns numerous businesses which includes Hammer Galleries, and TV and film company Hammer Productions.

Is Armie Hammer related to Armand Hammer?

Armand Hammer is Armie's great-grandfather.

He died in 1990 aged 92 after a long and prosperous life

Born in New York on May 21, 1898, Armand became a millionaire before he graduated college in the 1910s by selling whiskey to drugstores during the Prohibition.

Along with distilling whiskey, the rest of his money came at the time from dealing art and breeding cattle.

But Armand’s real fortune came when he was 58 and moved to California with a plan of retiring.

Before he did so, however, he bought into two wells owned by the oil company Occidental Petroleum.

Little did he know the wells would become gushers and he soon took a majority stake in Occidental.

Is Armie Hammer heir to Arm and Hammer?

Armie is not heir to Arm and Hammer, as the family only has stock in the toothpaste and baking soda company, and it is not named after them – despite the fact the letters spell Armand Hammer.

The company was actually set up in 1867, 12 years before his great-grandfather Armand was ever born.

But by 1986, Armand's oil company Occidental Petroleum acquired enough stock in Church & Dwight, which is the parent company of Arm & Hammer, allowing him to sit on the board of directors.

However, it's not all doom and gloom for Armie, as he is a direct heir of Armand and it’s likely that the actor has a lot of stake in his family’s oil company.



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