Who shot Mercedes in shocking new Hollyoaks story?

Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) is set to be shot and left for dead in a dramatic new storyline which will kick off a long running mystery storyline. But who pulled the trigger and will she survive?

Will Grace Black (Tamara Wall), who has previous form, gun her down over the hit and run accident? Or maybe Sylver McQueen (David Tag) will discover the shocking truth about her cheating and take revenge? Or could Hollyoaks go all EastEnders and have a child killer in the form of Max?

Whatever the outcome, Mercedes is one of the show’s biggest characters and the whodunnit will kick off in the week following the show’s major stunt – meaning that October is going to be a huge month for the show.

Boss Bryan Kirkwood told Metro.co.uk: ‘October is huge for us – there’s two really exceptional weeks. We have the traditional stunt week where the sky falls in on the Hollyoaks residents. This year we do have a character refer to the fact that October is really unlucky around these parts! We had to finally nod to the audience – just move or take a holiday in October, folks!

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