Yellowstone season 4: Monica behind the Dutton shootings in explosive new theory

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In the final moments of Yellowstone season three, the future of the Dutton clan looked in serious danger. John (played by Kevin Costner) had been shot and left to die on the roadside, Beth (Kelly Reilly) was at the centre of an explosion at work, and Kayce (Luke Grimes) was ambushed by a group of assault rifle-wielding assassins. Heading into season four of the Paramount drama, the fate of each of the Dutton members remains up in the air – as does the identity of who organised the entire thing. But could it have been Monica (Kelsey Asbille) all along?

There is no shortage of suspects in the frame who could be held responsible for the attack on the Dutton clan as season four approaches.

Rival business group Market Equities, headed by Willa (Karen Pittman) and Roarke (Josh Holloway), were less than pleased with John and Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) joining forces to protect the ranch and surrounding land.

However, there’s also a disgruntled Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) on the warpath, livid with the discovery that he’s not John’s biological son and having reunited with his criminal father.

Monica, however, hasn’t emerged as a suspect in many viewers’ eyes, but a new fan theory could change everything.

The last fans saw of Monica, she was at the Yellowstone Ranch and on the phone with her other half Kayce.

However, their phone call was abruptly cut short as Kayce was forced to jump into action when an armed group of shooters entered his office.

“Kayce!” Monica could be heard shouting down the phone as she listened to the gunfire ensue – seemingly unaware as to what was happening with her husband.

But now, it’s prompted some fans to query whether Monica was acting, with Reddit user UhhLeeTheeUhh tipping: “Everyone is trying to figure out who killed who… 

“But a theory of mine, if all the Duttons except Monica die, Monica gets the land… 

“And could give it back to the natives… since she believes no-one should own all that land.”

Being married into the family, Monica certainly would have some claim to the assets owned by her husband’s family.

Plus, if the plan set out was to rid Montana of the Dutton clan, this could explain why Tate (Brecken Merrill) was spared.

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Even if Monica, either alone or with an accomplice, was planning on taking the Duttons out of the picture, there’s no way she’d put her son in the firing line.

However, if there were a more villainous culprit – or culprits – behind the attack, it’s not unlikely they’d have no problem taking out Tate – think back to the Beck brothers.

So could all these clues point the finger towards Monica being a part of the attacks? 

After all, she was safe and sound at the ranch when the attacks happened, despite being married into the family and technically a Dutton.

Could she have even teamed up with Jamie for the two to plot the rest of the family out of the ranch? Jamie would also have claim despite the revelation he’s adopted.

If the theory were to come to fruition, it’d undoubtedly be one of the biggest twists in Yellowstone history.

However, despite it receiving a number of upvotes on the blogging platform, not everyone is convinced.

“This aint it Chief, lol,” one fan replied, while a second pointed out: “Monica has not said no one should own all that Land. Monica believes ‘the Land remembers’ (meaning the Land knows it still belongs to Native Americans).” (sic)

Yellowstone season 4 premieres on the Paramount Network this autumn.

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