Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser teases ‘more responsibility’ for Rip

Yellowstone: Season 5 of US drama teased in new trailer

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With less than a week to go before the iconic Dutton family return for the highly anticipated fifth season of Yellowstone, millions of fans worldwide have been aching to know what’s next for the powerful ranchers. In a brand new sneak peek at the season premiere on the Paramount Network, Cole Hauser has revealed the next steps for Rip Wheeler and his wife Beth Dutton (played by Kelly Reilly).

Cole confirmed ranch foreman Rip will have to step up a lot more to keep things running on the Dutton ranch on this season of Yellowstone.

Fans will be treated to a special feature-length premiere to kick off the fifth outing of the hit drama in just over a week on Sunday, November 13.

In the meantime, viewers have been wondering what John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) new role as governor could mean for his family and loyal workforce.

First of all, Cole assured fans there will be plenty more from Rip and Beth this season after their unconventional wedding ceremony in the last finale.

“This year there’s more of Beth and I, which I hope everybody’s excited about,” he teased.

“We’re married now, which is going to be interesting.”

Beth and Rip’s relationship has always been fraught, but, hopefully, now they’ve fully committed to each other they can work on being stronger together than ever.

Unfortunately, Beth’s father John taking his political career down a dramatic new path will leave the ranch open to many more threats which Rip and the bunkhouse crew will have to deal with.

On the latest episode of The Tonight Show, Cole promised Jimmy Fallon: “A lot more, kind of, responsibility on Rip, obviously, with John being governor.

“So, more responsibility as far as the ranch is concerned and being the foreman and running the ranch.”

“And, you know, Taylor [Sheridan, showrunner] did a phenomenal job again writing this year,” he added.

Taylor has spearheaded the Paramount drama to incredible success over the past few years, and the next episodes of Yellowstone will be one of the biggest TV events of 2022.

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In the season ahead, John and the Duttons face an even bigger fight against Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) and Market Equities after they failed to get their hands on John’s land last time.

Some help from counsellor Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri) could finally tip the scales in Caroline’s favour, although Beth will also be back with a vengeance.

In a new sneak peek released on The Tonight Show, Rip encourages his wife to keep fighting rather than dwelling on the regrets she has about their relationship.

During the clip, Beth tearfully admits: “I robbed us of so much time together. Because I was… It’s still robbing us.”

But Rip assures her: “Whatever it took, I don’t need. I’m happy, Beth. With you, with life. Everything’s good.”

Bringing her in for a comforting hug, he then advises: “You need to find somebody new to fight.”

While Rip is busy handling more violent threats to the land, Beth may have finally met her match when she eventually comes face-to-face with Sarah later in the season.

Yellowstone season five premieres Sunday, November 13 on Paramount Network in the USA and the following Monday on Paramount + in the UK.

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