Cold Blooded Murder – A miscellany of true crime

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Cold Blooded Murder contains twenty shocking tales of killers and psychopaths.

It contains the stories of an Elvis impersonator who was murdered after he got involved in selling pine trees, the aspiring DJ who killed his unsuspecting wife with drink, the ex-cheerleader whose spouse ended up as a charred lump and the gameshow contestant Rodney Alcala who died last month. He appeared on The Dating Game, the American inspiration for Blind Date and was picked but the women who picked him declined to go on the date claiming her was “creepy”.

How right she was .

Each chapter ends with a postscript bringing the story up to date.

My only quibble is the book has no photographs so we can’t see the freaks and fruitcakes who populate its pages.

Still, I suppose that’s what your imagination is for.
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