Miles Jupp’s debut novel tells the story of a rich kids’ history teacher in midlife crisis

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Clive loathes his backbiting colleagues but not as much as he loathes himself for leaving his job at a comprehensive to teach the children of the rich. Feeling undervalued and guilty, he starts to go a bit bonkers.

Like David Nobbs in The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin, Jupp offers a sensitive and insightful depiction of a midlife crisis, while extracting every last ounce of comedy and farce from Clive’s situation.

He also captures the way Clive’s self-pity is souring his marriage to his nice wife Helen.

Jupp writes in the wonderfully wry, deadpan comic style that fans will recognise from his TV and radio appearances – but you’ll be surprised by how moved you are.

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