Newly Published, From Roman Art to the Sri Lankan Civil War

TWELVE CAESARS: Images of Power From the Ancient World to the Modern, by Mary Beard. (Princeton University, $35.) This deeply researched account explores how Roman art has shaped the Western world’s understanding of power for two millenniums, from ancient Roman imperial portraits to the work of the 19th-century American sculptor Edmonia Lewis.

THE MATTER OF BLACK LIVES: Writing From The New Yorker, edited by Jelani Cobb and David Remnick. (Ecco, $35.) This anthology, compiled from the pages of The New Yorker, presents a complex view of Black life in America across the past century through work by James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Zadie Smith and more.

THE ANOMALY, by Hervé le Tellier. Translated by Adriana Hunter. (Other Press, $16.99.) After passengers of Air France 006 land in New York, one commits suicide and others are gathered by authorities who are looking into a bizarre, logic-defying event during the flight.

MEDUSA’S ANKLES: Selected Stories, by A. S. Byatt. (Knopf, $28.) This collection of carefully selected stories spans three decades of Byatt’s work, incorporating fairy tales and ancient myths that take readers to a British candy factory, a Turkish bazaar and a Mediterranean swimming pool.

BETWEEN THE LINES, by Uli Beutter Cohen. (Simon & Schuster, $24.99.) The creator of the popular Subway Book Review account on Instagram collects the stories of 170 New Yorkers who share their love for reading, including Jia Tolentino, Roxane Gay and Jeremy O. Harris.

DARK TOURIST, by Hasanthika Sirisena. (Mad Creek/Ohio State University, $19.95.) This collection blends criticism and memoir in essays on topics including the Sri Lankan civil war and a 1961 nuclear plane crash in North Carolina, to examine the intersection of personal identity and history.

THE STRUDLHOF STEPS, by Heimito von Doderer. Translated by Vincent Kling. (New York Review Books, paper, $24.95.) This novel, originally published in 1951 and available in English for the first time, presents a portrait of early-20th-century Vienna in a story filled with a diverse set of characters, plot turns and plenty of dark humor.

THE DICTIONARY OF OBSCURE SORROWS, by John Koenig. (Simon & Schuster, $19.99.) Koenig coins words to express emotion, including “zenosyne,” the sense that time is hurtling by.

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