14-Year-Old Flees After Handing Newborn to NJ Restaurant Customer

A teenager who’d apparently just given birth left her kid with a woman who was grubbing at a New Jersey restaurant — but, luckily, the baby will get a good home after all.

This happened Wednesday in Jersey City, where Alease Scott and her boyfriend, Walter, were having lunch at a joint called El Patron … when out of nowhere, this teen girl — who’s said to be just 14 years old — wanders in somewhat cloaked, carrying a newborn in her arms.

In CCTV footage provided by the restaurant owners, you see the teen walk up to the counter to seemingly ask something, and then sits down at a table … which is when Scott checks in.

She goes over to the young mother and they appear to have a brief conversation, before the girl finally hands her baby over to Scott who then takes the child, a girl, back to her table as she rocks her. The teenager comes over herself for a bit, but then abruptly walks out … seemingly fleeing.

Scott later told the authorities that the teen mom was asking for help, and that Scott — who’s trained in CPR and first aid — asked if she could check the baby’s vitals … which the mother allowed.

Sure enough, the police were called … and a flock of first-responders showed up to the scene — even providing oxygen to the baby as she appeared to be having trouble breathing. Reports say the infant also still had some of her umbilical cord attached.

Eventually, one of the police officers takes the kid … and they also tracked down the mom who left as well. She won’t be facing any charges, and the baby will be put up for adoption.

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