Alfie Boe apologises to Jason Manford for brutal Masked Singer jibe ‘I’m not that rubbish’

The Masked Singer: Jason Manford unmasked as the Hedgehog

Jason Manford, 39, has revealed he received a grovelling apology from tenor Alfie Boe, 47, after he inadvertently insulted his singing voice after tuning into The Masked Singer last year. The comedian was the voice behind the ITV show’s Hedgehog mask, but Alfie was unfortunately not aware of this when he chatted to Jason on the phone at the time.

Recalling the awkward moment, Jason said in an exclusive interview with “I had a moment where I was on the phone to Alfie Boe and I sort of brought it up and said, ‘Have you been watching this Masked Singer?’”

Alfie then informed Jason that some viewers had been wondering if he was Hedgehog, but that he felt insulted by the suggestion, as he thought Hedgehog’s singing voice was “rubbish”. 

The star continued: “And he said, ‘Yeah people keep messaging me on a Saturday night and asking me if it’s me, so I watched it the other day and I thought, I’m not that rubbish at singing am I?’ 

“I sort of had to pretend and say, ‘Oh yeah, yeah, no’ and keep it a secret.”

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Following Alfie’s brutal remark, Jason was unveiled to be the star voicing Hedgehog.

The comic admitted that after the reveal took place on-air, he got another call from Alfie to say sorry.

Jason added: “But after it got revealed that it was me, he rang me up like, ‘I think I’ve got an apology to make.’”

The Death In Paradise actor went on to share how difficult it was to keep his stint on The Masked Singer a secret before he reached the show’s final.


He explained: “It was hard, my wife knew because otherwise she would wonder why I was sneaking off every night.

“But other than that, it was just me who knew.”

The star also shared some “clues” about the contestants who are involved in this year’s star-studded line-up.

Jason admitted when quizzed on whether he knows any secrets about the new series: “Not officially.

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“But I’ve had phone calls from various people who have asked me what the experience was like, and if it was worth doing, and how fun was it, and what were the team like to work with.

“So I’ve had some phone calls from some quite surprising people, actually. 

“They were all pre-agreement because, obviously, once you sign up and sign the NDA you can’t talk about it, so yeah, I had three phone calls from people.”

Spilling which countries the phone calls came from, Jason revealed: “I had one FaceTime from America, there’s a little clue for you, and two phone calls from this country.

“In fact, one was in Spain at the time actually, so Spain, England and America, and they rang me about what my experience was like.”

Jason also shared he was surprised to receive some of the calls, as he “wasn’t even friends” with two of the people who contacted him to discuss his time on the hit ITV show.

He recalled: “Two of them I wasn’t even friends with, they just got my number from a friend of a friend and I just told them the experience and what it was like, and that it was all worth doing. 

“I would say out of the three, I figured they’ve all signed up because I sold it to them and they sounded pretty positive, two of them are big names – bigger than last year.

“And considering I was one of them, bigger than last year I would say. And I have no vested interest in telling you that,” the star insisted.

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