Amanda Bynes’ Fiance Paul Michael Gushes Over Former Child Star: My Doll Face!

These days, Amanda Bynes’ public appearances are even rarer than usual, given the pandemic.

But she and fiance Paul Michael continue to go strong.

In fact, Paul recently shared some sweet photos, gushing about his love for the former child star.

It is certainly heartwarming to see how far she has come.

This week, Paul Michael took to his private Instagram account to upload a pair of glimpses of his famous fiancee, Amanda Bynes.

Amanda does not upload many selfies and is not particularly active on social media, particularly out of concern for her mental health.

But every now and then, fans get to see her. Here was one photo.

“Doll face,” Paul captioned the image of Amanda, who appears in the pic to be missing her recognizable heart-shaped tattoo.

It’s probably just on the other side of her face (Amanda takes regular and mirror selfies, so it can appear on either side), though some speculate that she may have had it removed.

Either way, it’s sweet to see Paul’s love for her coming off in waves from this simple Instagram post.

Fans were also treated to this snap of Amanda, seen here obviously playing with her eyebrows.

From tattoos to implants to drawn-on eyebrows to eyebrow wigs, there are a lot of ways to modify the look of one’s eyebrows.

Clearly, Amanda was having a good time in this older-looking snap.

Paul also showed a photo of himself chilling on a comfy looking bed.

Reclining on the luxurious velvet blanket under the colorful lights, he looks right at home.

And you know, he should, since he and Amanda have been a couple — with very little interruption — since late 2019.

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As you may recall, Michael and Amanda met in Alcoholics Anonymous in that year.

The two began dating — it can be helpful to know that the two of you share similar struggles before entering a relationship.

Just months later, in early 2020, Paul and Amanda became engaged.

Their relationship was not without its ups and downs, including a brief split early on.

However, they soon confirmed that they were back together.

There was also a time when Amanda and Paul announced that they were expecting a child together.

However, a rep later confirmed that Amanda and Paul were not currently planning to expand their family.

Whatever happened behind … all of that … is entirely their business unless they decide otherwise.

We are sure that this time in their lives was filled with a lot of complicated feelings.

Amanda and Paul did manage to see each other over time despite the pandemic, but both used an abundance of caution when doing so.

Seeing each other regularly appears to have done a lot of good for both parties and for their relationship.

As we all saw last year and continue to observe this year, the pandemic can make or break a relationship. Some people aren’t cut out for long distance, and not everyone can safely meet up.

Some fans have expressed concerns, accusing Paul of using Amanda for wealth or fame.

However, from what many have seen on social media, their love appears to be very genuine.

That is good. Amanda has had some real struggles.

Amanda was a beloved Nickelodean star as a child and teenage actress.

Early in her adulthood, however, she suffered a mental health crisis that included a downward spiral of behavior. Fans feared for her safety.

Now, she is continuing her recovery journey and fans are rooting for her.

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