Camila Cabello Says She "Passed Out" at the 'Cinderella' Premiere

Camila Cabello hit the premiere of Cinderella looking absolutely stunning and appears to have had an amazing night, but apparently she fainted at the event.

“I’m sorry, I just passed out, but I’m back!” Camila reportedly said while standing with Billy Porter and Idina Menzel (among others) at the premiere. “I literally just passed out, and now I’m back and I’m ready to read my notes.”

I mean, so happy she’s okay! Camila didn’t offer any other information about how/when/why this happened, but went on to add “All I can say is this was such an incredible experience. I believed in this movie so much, that all I wanted was to enjoy it and not fuck it up. And I’m happy I didn’t fuck it up. And I’m grateful for everybody who believed in me enough to give me the opportunity.”

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Back in 2019, Camila told Variety that the movie “was one of those things that felt like God handcrafted it for me and was, like, ‘Here you go.’ I just couldn’t say no. It’s honestly a dream for me. And also a little bit terrifying.”

She added, “For my first acting classes, I was, like, ‘What the f– am I doing here? This is so scary.’ But my acting coach, Anthony Meindl, taught me it’s all about the act of surrender and ‘the art of listening,’ as opposed to being in your head. That’s the only technique he has for acting, as simple as it is.”

FYI, you can watch Cinderella starting September 3 on Amazon Prime.

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