Chris Evans admitted reason behind sleeping on separate floor to wife Natasha Shishmanian

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The Virgin Radio show host, 54, and his third wife, a former columnist for Golf Punk magazine, have been married for 15 years. Evans has five children – Jade, 35, from his previous marriage to Alison Ward and four, including twins, born to Shishmanian. The former BBC star, who also tied the knot with Billie Piper, has recently spoken out about the family struggles during his most recent marriage.

Evans recently commented that he and Shishmanian felt “too much pressure” to do something fun on a Friday night, during the third nationwide coronavirus lockdown. 

This led them to devise a “new rule” in their household to not feel compelled to celebrate at the end of the normal working week. 

Since the change, they have opted to keep their night “dryish” and often opted to celebrate over the weekend instead. 

On his Virgin Radio slot, he said: “Last Friday, it was 9.15pm and we were both so tired we thought, ‘Shall we have a glass of wine?’.

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“But then I said, ‘Let’s do this tomorrow, that makes a lot more sense.’”

Evans admitted that it helped to “take the pressure off” Friday nights and allowed them to enjoy each other’s company. 

He continued: “You get the night you wanted anyway!”

Evans also gave insight into the challenges of being a father-of-five  – the star had Eli, eight, Noah, 11, and two-year-old twins, Walt and Boo, with his current wife.

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After the birth of their most recent arrivals, he nicknamed them “ping and pong” before later being forced to clarify that was not their actual names.

In a 2018 statement, Evans said: “Ping and Pong arrived safe and well last night. 

“Ping popped her head out at 22.10, Pong popped his head out 12 minutes later at 22 minutes past 10.”

In the wake of two new additions to the family, Evans admitted that it had changed his and Shishmanian’s relationship.

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He revealed that he no longer shared a bed with his wife and actually slept on a separate floor to her in 2019.

Evans told the Daily Mirror: “Since the twins were born Tash and I are on different floors because I get up at silly o’clock.

“I can’t wake the twins up. Never wake a sleeping baby – times that by two for the twins.”

He revealed that his early-morning routine in preparation for his radio show caused them to stir.

Chris Evans reveals he’s got a new ‘Friday rule’ with wife

Evans added: “The shower wakes them up. I need to go to bed at silly o’clock and they’re sometimes still awake then.”

But instead of making himself at home in the spare room, Evans revealed that he had taken on the advice of a well-respected decluttering expert. 

He said: “There’s nothing in my room any more, I’ve got a plant [that] I bought for somebody else.”

Evans admitted that he had a cabinet inside the room but there was “nothing in it” except for “space”.

He continued: “[I’ve] got my plant, got my cabinet – that’s it. My wife comes into my bedroom for a bit of peace and quiet.”

Evans revealed that he felt “closer” to the twins than he did with his older children because of the pressures of his career.

During a 2019 interview with Sam Claflin on his Virgin Breakfast Radio show, he explained why it was harder to bond with his older children.

Evans said: “The thing with having twins is that I am closer to both twins now than I was with both Eli and Noah at the same age.”

He commented that when there was only “one of them” their mother did “most of the natural things” but he felt differently about Walt and Boo.

Evans continued: “With twins, you get to have the other, you get to have one all the time – you are a full-time parent and it changes your relationship.”

This followed his admission to being a “selfish p****” after the birth of his first child Jade because he was busy chasing “fame and fortune”.

In his 2009 autobiography It’s Not What You Think, Evans explained that his then-wife Alison Ward was “totally selfless” and allowed him to pursue his “ambitions”.

He continued: “I simply wasn’t around enough to be supportive of her in the far more important task of bringing up a young child – in short, I was a selfish p****.”

Their marriage, which ended in 2007, and Evans admitted he was “ashamed” at “effectively abandoning” his wife of six years. 

He wrote: “Being such a young age herself left to bring up a little girl all on her own makes me feel awful.

‘‘Not surprisingly, it’s the one thing I wish I could go back and change.”

Chris Evans’ autobiography It’s Not What You Think was published by HarperCollins in 2009. It is available here. 

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