Cops Show Up to Brian Laundrie Home, Tell Protestors to Pipe Down

Brian Laundrie‘s family can’t seem to get any peace and quiet (shocker) — evidenced in the ongoing swarm of protesters who continue to camp outside their home … and whom cops have now had to confront with threats of tickets.

A meager-sized crowd was gathered outside the Laundrie home Saturday, where there were several people shouting from the street across the way … with chants like, “Hey hey, ho ho … the dirty Laundrie’s got to go,” among other things.

There’s also a makeshift memorial honoring Gabby Petito that has been assembled on the front lawn of the Laundries … so yeah, the heat is very much still on for them from their community members.

However, it seems one guy who was on a megaphone — demanding they give up their still-missing son, be truthful with the cops and stop hiding from scrutiny — was too much for the family … as they seem to have called 911 to break up the crowd, and sure enough — cops showed.

Looks like he might’ve been violating a noise ordinance there — and the North Port police officers proved it by measuring the volume level with a decibel reader … informing the gentleman that he was, in fact, too loud on the thing — and had to drop it, or else.

Based on the others who kept on screaming after he finally backed down … something tells us there’s more than enough noise to go around to keep the Laundries on edge.

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