David Eason Of "Teen Mom 2" Confronted Jenelle Evans' Ex, Nathan Griffith, Outside Court

David Eason is continuing his trend of personifying good parenting, elegance and a calm, rational demeanour by getting into a verbal altercation with Nathan GriffinTeen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans‘ ex and father of Jenelle’s son Kaiser, outside of Columbus County Courthouse in North Carolina yesterday. TMZ was there and they caught the whole thing, and you know what? I think all the footage TMZ has of them is really going to help those two asshats get their kids back. (No, it won’t.)

Jenelle and David lost custody of their kids last week and were back at court for another custody hearing yesterday. The guy who lost his kids because he got so angry a dog nipped at his daughter that he viciously murdered it, decided that he would confront Nathan outside of court after the hearing. These people clearly have common sense, rationality, and dignity.

Nathan was in the parking lot with a TMZ person. They weren’t filming anything, but the guy was recording audio while they chatted casually. This is when the TMZ guy noticed someone filming them from a car (TMZ getting their privacy invaded? How meta) and told Nathan. They then realized the voyeurs were Jenelle and David–who rolled up to them in their car and confronted Nathan.

David: “What are you hanging out with the paparazzi for?”

Nathan: “No we’re talking. I’m not…”

David: “Keep talking, that’s all you ever do.”

Nathan: “Hey you wanna ask them what we’ve been talking about? …Then I get flipped the bird. You got that on camera, right? Oh man, I’m actually going to file a restraining order because of that. I’m actually… I’m actually gonna walk in the court house right now.”

A restraining order hasn’t been filed yet, which would make sense to me because that audio does not sound like anything threatening. David’s Instagram videos are much worse.

And Jenelle also got into it with her mother outside of court as she showed her daughter Ensley affection, but her Barbara suggested it was just for the cameras. Jenelle then accuses her mother of posting naked pictures of Ensley on the internet. It’s like a scene straight out of Masterpiece Trash Theater on North Carolina Public Access.

These people are a lesson in why not everyone should be a parent. And I mean, if I’m the judge watching this you know what I’m thinking, “Those counseling sessions are really working.” Just kidding. I’m thinking, “Can someone else have the kids who’s none of these people?Maybe the TMZ guy, he actually is probably the most reputable.

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