Denise Welch sat with hidden sick bucket live on Loose Women amid battle with alcohol

Denise Welch teary-eyed as she recalls her dad's final days

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Denise Welch has spoken candidly about her battle with alcohol addiction during a live chat with Kate Thornton last week. The Loose Women panellist was joined by her Dun Breedin castmates Julie Graham, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Alison Newman, Angela Griffin and Tamzin Outhwaite.

The 63-year-old revealed how she pulled herself back from the brink and turned her life around after meeting her husband Lincoln Townley.

The former Coronation Street actress and Loose Women presenter has been open in the past about her struggles with addiction.

Speaking on White Wine Question Time, Denise recalled going straight from the nightclub to the ITV studios.

Host Kate commented: “We’ve spoken about this before on this podcast. The number of times we would go into work and you were coming straight out of a club.”

Denise explained: “I used to be dancing on the pole at Freedom at 5am. I would then appear on television, for instance, Loose Women, at 12.30pm.

“People who had seen me on the pole at 5 in the morning would assume my appearance [on the show] was pre-recorded.

“They would absolutely not believe it. But again, it was the person behind the painted smile.”

The ITV star admitted there was even a time she required a sick bucket during a live broadcast.

“I remember there was Robbie Williams on one side and Kate on the other and they were both squeezing my hand,” she recalled.

“I had a sick bucket underneath [the table], honestly.”

Denise continued: “I can laugh about it now but I would get a fear. And that [was a result of] drink and drugs.

“It was a horrendous time and you remember that [Kate].


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“So when people say to me, ‘You were a right laugh. You just had a few too many drinks’. They didn’t realise how bad it was.”

She added: “I was f***ing good on the pole though, I’ll have you know.”

Denise recently marked a decade of sobriety after quitting her addictions in 2011.

The Loose Women panellist explained that meeting her other half assisted in helping her to make the change.

She explained the pair were able to “anchor” each other on the road to sobriety.

Kate said that she sees Denise as an “inspiration”, as she remarked: “To know you before, is to know how far you’ve come.”

The latter tied the knot with her other half Lincoln in 2013.

Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV at 12.30pm.

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