Elderly 'Karen' Freaks Out Over Kids Using Sidewalk Chalk, Drops Racist Comment

Being a “Karen” has no expiration date, because an old woman proved she could play the role with the best worst of them when she freaked out over kids using sidewalk chalk and made a racist comment toward their father.

The unlucky dad shared video of his contentious encounter with the angry lady and her husband, which seems to have gone down this weekend in California.

It starts with elderly “Karen” — who has barged into the father’s garage — shouting “You son of a bitch!” at him after he tells the couple to report him to the homeowner’s association where they live.

Sounds like she must be pissed about something egregious right? Nope … turns out, it’s all over the guy’s children using sidewalk chalk on what he says is a public street within their complex.

Regardless, the old woman — sounds like her real name is Caroline — is incensed … so much that her husband can’t get her to walk away without further incident.

That’s too bad, because the “Karen” decides to make a racist comment about the dad having “slanted eyes” and questions whether he really lives there and is married to the mother of the kids.

After another couple minutes of jawing at the father and threatening to make his kids clean up the chalk, the guy insists they get the hell out of his garage … but “Karen” gets in one last kick.

The man claims he finally had to brandish a knife to get the husband to escort his old lady out.

He also claims there are no rules with his HOA about sidewalk chalk.

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