Emily Andrea says she finds lifting of Covid restrictions ‘difficult’ and ‘conflicting’

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Emily Andrea has admitted she finds the easing of Covid restrictions “difficult” as many people across the country celebrated “freedom day”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson lifted the majority of the remaining rules in England on July 19, including mask-wearing, social distancing and limits on gatherings.

Giving her thoughts, the doctor, who recently detailed her parenting fear as she shared a snap on the train with son Theo, told OK! : “It’s really difficult because you can watch the news and hear conflicting opinions from different people and there are some people saying we need to go ahead and some people who are worried and think we should be more cautious.”

She continued: “For me, I feel like it’s just about balance. It’s great for businesses and things like that, but I’m still going to try and be sensible about it. I’m not going to rush out. Especially in crowded places, I’m going to be careful by making sure I’m still washing hands and I probably will still wear my mask.”

The 31 year old added: “I wear it all the time at work anyway so I’m completely used to it. It’s an easy measure I can take to keep other people safe as well.”

Emily has also opened up about working on the NHS frontline amid the peak of the pandemic.

“It’s that difficult balance,” she said. “It is my job at the end of the day and it’s what we’ve been trained to do, to look after people who are unwell. Obviously the circumstances we’ve been doing our job in has been really different in the past year. Particularly I think over the peaks that we’ve had, it has been really challenging.

“But also, we’ve had lots of appreciation. I’ve found so many people saying such lovely things to me personally and just about the NHS in general, which has been really nice and it’s been that kind of family feel working for the NHS. It’s been challenging times but also some real positives have come out of it.”

Emily, who is mum to Amelia, seven, and Theodore, four, with husband Peter Andre, is currently working with TENA to help raise awareness about incontinence.

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Discussing her own experience with incontinence, Emily told us: “I’ve had two children and things have been OK. I was doing my pelvic floor really well when they were babies.

"I used to do it when I was breastfeeding and then I sort of became a bit complacent and thought, ‘I’m still young, this will be fine,’ kind of thing. Until we went to a trampoline park a few weeks ago and I thought, ‘I should have been doing my pelvic floor exercises a bit more.’

“That was a real kick start for me to seek a bit of advice. The first thing I started doing was pelvic floor exercises. I’m not embarrassed to say that.”

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