Gabby Allen’s home destroyed by sewage leak as she she shares graphic content

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Love Island star Gabby Allen has shared graphic videos of sewage leaking through her London flat.

The personal trainer explained that a flood had occurred while she was away in Dubai and her whole house now has to be redone. Sharing the graphic content with her fans, sewage water could be seen leaking through the hallways of her flat.

Gabby warned fans about the graphic nature of the images, and explained what had happened.

She wrote: “Whilst I was away, my brother had been staying at mine occasionally using the place to study, going to check my mail and just overall keeping an eye on the place but there was a couple of weeks that had past since he had last been.

“During those days, a flood had occurred. But when I say flood, don’t be fooled. The flood wasn’t just of water, I wish it was! Everything that had been passing through shared pipes with my neighbour, from their bathroom and kitchen, had been blocked somewhere along the line and was coming back on its self and back up through my toilet, bath and sink!!”

The star continued: “OK so whatever you’re imagining now, times it by ten. Also in that time, the UK had a heatwave… Not ideal for a flat now filled with sewage water and no open windows. sorry for the info, I don’t really know how else to explain apart from the truth. I just don’t know if I can subject you to the photos. Instagram might take them down cause they’re so minging.”

Gabby went on to explain that “pretty much the whole place needs to be ripped out.”

She added: “I am so grateful I have a bf and friends houses I can stay in whilst all the works happen. The place is inhabitable and will be for quite a while. I hadn’t even bloody been in it a year!”

On another post, Gabby showed videos and pictures showing her home before and after the flood. She wrote: “My home really has been through the sh*tter. No but seriously, my home is ruined pretty much through out.

“Anything it has touched or anything that is porous around it has to go due to it being contaminated water- a pleasant way of describing it in my opinion. The floor s and carpet has already been ripped out, thank god, the bathroom, doors, kitchen, etc is to follow on Wednesday so the “drying” can start. God knows how long that will take. Pray that it is quick for me please.”

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