How Love Island’s Amber Gill lost her Queen Bee status with ‘dead ting’ slam

Last night's Love Island saw Amber Gill lose her her temper spectacularly at ex Michael Griffiths after he picked new girl Joanna Chimonides to recouple with.

But while fiery Amber has so far managed to rule the villa with her sassy put-downs and thousand-yard star, will Joanna manage to puncture the ice queen's chilly exterior when she and Amber head out for tonight's clearing-the-air chat?

Fireworks have already flared between them after Amber dubbed Joanna a "dead ting" straight after being rejected by Michael – but Joanna was determined to keep her cool and rise above the verbal tirade.

Here, body language expert Judi James casts her eye over Amber's secret expressions and gestures to reveal just how she lost her Queen Bee status…

Tears, tantrums and verbal attacks were obviously expected from Amber and her wing-woman Anna in the aftermath of Joanna-gate, but this nouveau-infant look complete with face bare of make-up and a little girl vocal pitch does come as something of a suprise.

Instead of reaching for the face-shaper and highlighters in prep for her confrontation with Joanna, Amber almost appeared to run a brush through her hair and leave her face as nature intended.

Her gurgling giggle at receiving a text and her rather slow, high pitched delivery complete with naughty grin made her look like a small child being punished with detention.

This pseudo-infantile response suggests a couple of options: either she has decided to delegate the warrior role to Anna and is basking in the parental protection from the other sympathetic women in the villa or she's got wind of (or even been ticked off) over the 'Dead ting' comment and is trying to be on her best behaviour as a result.

Michael called her childlike so perhaps she's trying to prove she's more compliant, cute child than rebellious and feisty.

Or another option is that her displays of childlike tears did get rewarded by some special cuddles and tactile care from Ovie so watch this space on that dynamic just in case his attention turns out to be based on attraction.

Either way her queen bee traits have been dropped for the time being.

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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