Jake Paul Accused Of Sexual Assault By TikTok Star Justine Paradise: 'He Didn't Ask For Consent'

Yet another YouTuber to be accused of sexual assault… This is becoming a bad, bad trend.

On Friday, TikTok star Justine Paradise released a 20-minute video to her YouTube channel (below) accusing Jake Paul of forcing her to have oral s*x with him in 2019. She alleged the incident happened while at his California house — dubbed Team 10 (where several friends lived and worked) — in July.

Why is she speaking out now, almost two years later? Obviously, traumas take time to process and heal, and speaking out against a high profile celeb is never an easy thing to do. But according to Paradise, she didn’t know if she was legally “allowed to talk” because she had signed an NDA prior to entering the 24-year-old’s house! Whoa!!

She added:

“If you sign an NDA, you’re signing away your rights to talk about anything basically.”

That is some intense security if guests are required to sign their rights away just for entering the Youtube star’s home. Prior to the fateful night, Paradise and Paul had been introduced to each other through a mutual friend and had texted regularly for several weeks. Things changed when she went to his house. The young woman, also 24, detailed the moment, saying:

“One of those days, I was in the studio — some people were recording down there — and Jake pulled me into this little corner area in the studio and started kissing me. I was fine with that. I did think he was cute.”

Because she thought he was “cute,” Justine admitted she felt safe when he took her by the hand and they retreated to his bedroom.

“S*x is very special and very important to me. Normally, everybody respects me when I don’t want to do sexual things, so I thought that it was fine if I went in his room. I thought it would be fine to kiss him, because I thought he would stop if I didn’t want to do anything else.”

Sadly, that wasn’t the case with Logan Paul’s brother. Justine explained when “he took it to his bed,” she made clear signals she did not approve of him placing his hands certain places on her body. His response? Jake allegedly asked:

“If nothing’s going to happen, what’s the point?”

UGH!!! Consent is a very real, important thing, folks! Jake supposedly didn’t learn that lesson because after being told “no,” Paradise claimed the boxer forced her to perform oral s*x while physically on top of her.

“He didn’t ask for consent or anything. That’s not okay. On no level at all is that okay.”

Following that shocking moment, the LA-based creative stated Paul did not speak to her again, even when she tried “to talk to him and tell him, ‘Hey, I didn’t consent for this. It made me feel so awful.” But in the days after, she “couldn’t tell him because he never responded” to any text messages.

“I never got an apology or anything like that. I would have liked to have an apology because that was messed up, and I didn’t want that.”

To conclude the emotional video, the influencer, with over 500K followers on TikTok, added that her desire in making her story public is that it will allow the Disney Channel alum a moment to reflect. She hopes he “realizes what he did and doesn’t do it again.” She continued:

“I know he knows that I didn’t want to do anything sexual with him. I’ve thought about this literally every single day since it happened. But the more and more I think about it, the more I realize, no one can be doing that and think that it’s something right to do.”

In a follow up to the exposing YouTube vid, Justine posted a TikTok about the accusations, telling her followers:

“I’ve kept this to myself for a long time, so making this decision to share it publicly is terrifying because I know I’m gonna have a lot of attention on it — and I know that a lot of that attention is gonna be hate.”

Going in depth about why she didn’t release this information in an attempt to gain more “clout,” the creator noted:

“But also, I know it is necessary to share this information with everybody, so it could maybe like, it could save someone that could be in my position in the future.”

Neither Paul nor any of his representatives have spoken out about the allegations over the weekend. In fact, on Monday, a new video was released to his YouTube channel promoting “The Reason I Became A Fighter” ahead of his big fighting match on Saturday. Not a good look, if you ask us…

You can listen to Justine’s full story, including screenshots of “proof” (below).

Wow… These are some serious accusations. It’s never easy for any survivor of assault to come out and share their story, especially when the alleged perpetrator is such a huge celeb. We really hope that if these allegations are true, Jake owns up to his past and speaks out! It’s about time we had some real accountability for survivors of assault.

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