Judi Love praises Adele for her comments on body image and weight loss

Judi Love has praised Adele following her comments on body image and weight loss.

Writing in her weekly OK! column, Loose Women star Judi admitted it was “nice” to see the singer speaking out about the topic. Here, she also discusses Britney Spears’ freedom and performing in front of royalty. Sign up – for free! – to see what she has to say.

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This week has been hectic. I’ve recently done three small gigs: Up The Creek, Always Be Comedy and Top Secret. It’s really nice being back on stage again and it made me realise how much I missed it.

These smaller gigs are great because I feel much more relaxed. I’m not dressed up and people are coming out to see me for who I am. It’s also a way for me to try out my new material without too

much pressure. Nights like those are where the best material comes from because it’s whatever comes to you in that moment.

Body Positivity

In her new interview with Oprah Winfrey, Adele spoke about how even though she’s lost weight, she still remains as body positive as she did at the beginning of her career.

It was nice to see her speaking out about how it’s not her fault when people feel bad about their own bodies, and she’s right.

We put a lot of pressure on people in the public eye to be spokespeople for something based on how they look. We should never hold someone accountable for that and make them feel bad because they’ve made a choice to be healthier.

Britney Is Free!

It’s amazing news that Britney Spears is finally free from her conservatorship. It’s just sad she had to go through that horrible time, but it’s great she finally has freedom and more choice over her life. I hope it manifests in the right way.

She obviously wasn’t happy with her situation and this is her way of seeking justice and getting her life back.

Now she needs a good network of support around her.


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Go Frankie!

Our Loose Women girl Frankie Bridge has entered the jungle and we couldn’t be more excited for her.

It’s always nice when one of the Loose girls gets to do something like this.

We’re wishing her the best of luck. We would love it to be back in Australia, though!

Royal Turn

Last week I did The Royal Variety Show, which I was so nervous about. It doesn’t air until December but I’m so excited for my kids to see it.

They’re really excited, too! I always think about whether my kids will follow in my footsteps in this industry.

They’re both entertainers at home – they sing, rap and dance – but whatever they want to do in life, I’ll be cheering them on.

Co-parenting Awareness

American rapper DaBaby’s partner DaniLeigh has been charged for assaulting him after police were called to their house.

He also outed her on social media saying she wasn’t his girlfriend, but his “side chick”, after she just had his baby. It was terrible to see it all unfold and it made me think we really need to start talking openly about co-parenting.

That’s what’s important. We’re watching the drama unfold while their videos are going viral, but what we’re not realising is we’re watching a family break down.

They’re showing the world their family is falling apart, but one day, their child is going to see it.

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