Liz Mair Flamed for Burning Son's Pokemon Cards as Punishment

Apparently the child isn’t eating enough to ”put some weight on, specifically muscle“


Republican strategist and consultant Liz Mair came under fire on Friday for her approach to rearing her 7-year-old son and his refusal to finish all of his meals — with many online commenters torching her discipline choices and others wondering if Mair was just trolling.

“I have resorted to burning Pokémon cards as a punishment when my kid doesn’t do basic stuff he has to do,” Mair tweeted, adding, “The basic stuff is eating. He comes home without having eaten any of his lunch? Card burnt. He doesn’t eat enough dinner? Card burnt. Bear in mind my kid is about 4’6” tall at age 7 and yet weighs less than 55 pounds. He needs to put some weight on, specifically muscle.”

“The boy will be out of the house by his teens if this is what life at home is like,” writer and filmmaker Jesse Hawken tweeted. And he later predicted: “Liz Mair’s going to pivot to ‘I was just kidding that I’m a bad parent! You all fell for it!’ Like any seasoned comms director would do.”

Actor Seth Rogan suggested that Mair, who has worked for top Republicans like Rand Paul, Scott Walker and Rick Perry, should “Save the valuable ones so they can pay for therapy when they’re older.”

Journalist John R. Stanton marveled, “Liz Mair is terrible at communicating basic ideas to a child and resorts to bananas threats and behavior? wow weird would never have seen that coming.”

Mair did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Others took the opportunity to resurface other questionable comments by Mair, an occasional guest on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” who once claimed that her “only nativist beef” was “Hispanic people who look and sound Mongolian and who I therefore don’t realize I could just communicate with in Spanish instead of English which they don’t speak particularly intelligbly.”

Some suggested that Mair might in fact be trolling people with her tweets as part of some obscure joke. “Liz Mair is lying for attention. Just block her and move on,” political writer Paul Constant wrote.

But others noted that she engaged with people about her initial tweet earlier in the day, and seemed to defend the practice of punishing her son’s eating habits (while also claiming that the 7-year-old was too busy talking about “what happened in the Liverpool game or James Bond or what he saw on the cable news” to actually finish his meal.

Because 7-year-olds who would feel punished by the loss of Pokemon cards are so passionate about James Bond and cable news.

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