Marco Rubio Says Miami Beach Looks Unsafe, Still Wants Spring Breakers

Marco Rubio says Miami Beach looks “unsafe” with all the spring breakers, but he still wants folks to come and have a good time … as long as it can be done without violence.

We got the U.S. Senator at Reagan National Airport in D.C. Monday and asked him about the state of emergency for Miami Beach, which is struggling to maintain law, order and COVID safety … amid a flood of partygoers.

Marco admits the videos of spring breakers flooding the streets and breaking the 8 PM curfew is not a good look and unsafe. As he put it, “It’s never a good look when you’re throwing chairs and tearing the place up” — but he’s also blaming that chaos on just a few bad apples.

Despite thousands of arrests, including 2 men busted for allegedly drugging and raping a woman who later died in a hotel … Marco says people should still spend their spring break dollars in Miami, if they can do so without getting out of control.

As for a possible super-spreader event — which Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber has said is a concern — Sen. Rubio’s brushing that off, and told us why he thinks most of the South Beach revelers won’t get sick.

Not sure about his logic, but what’s clear is the Senator is trying to walk the line between health and economic concerns in his constituency.

Sooo … Bienvenido a Miami???

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