Nicole Kidman Desperate To Rescue Kids From Scientology

Nicole Kidman has been sending messages to her kids in an attempt to pry them away from Scientology, has exclusively learned, especially now that sources say she’s about to become a grandma!

Rumor has it her daughter Isabella, 26, is pregnant, and although Nicole wants to be there for her and son Connor, 24, she’s getting stonewalled at every turn, claimed insiders.

“Things are getting hot for Scientology with court cases that threaten to blow the organization wide open,” said a source. “And if that happens, she wants Connor and Isabella — and this potential grandchild — to be out of harm’s way.”

Scientologists are said to be closing ranks around leader David Miscavige and the religion’s No. 1 star, Tom Cruise — Nicole’s ex and Bella and Connor’s adoptive dad.

This has led to increased security around Tom and Nicole’s Scientologist kids, sources claimed.

As Radar has reported, Nicole, 52, has been estranged from Bella and Connor since her 2001 divorce from the actor.

“Those kids have grown up without choices,” former scientologist Sam Domingo told Radar in an exclusive interview. “They’re being used as leverage for the church and it’s not right.”

According to Scientology expert and blogger Tony Ortega, Isabella has become a top scientology member, after she praised the church in a bizarre scientology promotional video.

Tom’s adopted daughter called her training within the controversial religion “incredible” and her internship experience at Scientology’s London branch “phenomenal.”

Meanwhile, Connor continues to be groomed as scientology’s “Golden Boy,” another ex-member of the church told Radar last year. And Domingo added that she witnessed Tom’s son being given preferential treatment years ago.

“Tom Cruise’s kids have grown up in an alien world. It’s completely different,” Sam explained. “Connor used to be sequestered in the President’s Office, which is the office that deals with the Celebrity Centre. The kids weren’t in general population like the rest of the kids. You never saw them.”

And now sources confirm that Nicole is being cut out of the lives of all Scientologists, including her family.

“In the past, she has respected their wishes to stay away, but enough is enough,” the source added. “Nicole is incredibly frightened by the fact she can’t reach her own kids.”

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