What We Know About Selena Gomez’s First-Ever Fully Spanish Album REVELACIÓN

On Jan. 27, Selena Gomez turned to Twitter to announce that REVELACIÓN, her first EP in Spanish, would be available in the spring, on March 12, with pre-orders starting tomorrow. Earlier this month, Gomez released a single in Spanish called “De Una Vez,” and according to ABC News, her next Spanish-language track is due out on Friday. Titled “Baila Conmigo,” it was teased at the end of the “De Una Vez” video.

All of these works celebrate Gomez’s Latin roots, as the Mexican-American singer was even named after Selena Quintanilla. In a 2016 radio interview, Gomez shared that her parents were huge fans of the late Queen of Tejano’s music: “My name was going to be Priscilla, but my cousin actually took the name when she was born six months before me. They actually loved [Selena’s] music, so they just named me after her” (via HuffPost).

“I am incredibly proud of my Latin background,” Gomez said about her first Spanish-language single. “It felt empowering to sing in Spanish again, and ‘De Una Vez’ is such a beautiful love anthem” (via E!).

Selena Gomez thinks she sings better in Spanish

Since news of Selena Gomez’s first Spanish EP (mini-album) broke, fans have wasted no time in sharing their thoughts. On Reddit, one user said REVELACIÓN would be “a nice way to switch up her sound and try something different without all the pressure that an album brings.” Another noted that there are rumors that the EP will have visuals for all the tracks, too: “If everything is as good as ‘De Una Vez’, REVELACIÓN could easily become my favorite Selena project.”

Speaking of visuals, fans on Twitter were buzzing over the first photo (see, above) shared by Gomez. One user wrote, “this cover is EVERYTHING,” while another tweeted, “THIS COVER I CANT BREATHE OMG SELENA.” Fans will next look forward to a REVELACIÓN track list. Notably, when Gomez tweeted out the official announcement, she did so in both Spanish and English: “REVELACIÓN, mi primer EP en español, estará disponible el 12 de marzo. Pre-ordénalo mañana a las 9 pm PT.”

Upon the release of “De Una Vez,” Gomez admitted that she thinks she sings “better in Spanish.” The Texas-born star said, “I think Spanish came very naturally to me. … Being able to say and speak and roll my Rs and do all of that, that’s already in me, thank goodness” (via Billboard). And clearly, fans can’t wait to hear more.

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