'Blood Red Sky': Will There Be a Sequel to the Netflix Thriller?

The new Netflix supernatural thriller Red Blood Sky has become a resounding hit among fans. Sitting at the number one spot among the top 10 movies, it has left audiences clamoring for more. The German thriller has been compared to Die Hard and is quickly becoming just as popular. Fans have been ravenously debating on Reddit whether the film leaves room for another installment. So will there be a sequel to Blood Red Sky? Let’s take a look at the movie and why fans are cheering for more

The plot of ‘Blood Red Sky’ is seriously intense

The movie begins with a woman named Nadja boarding a plane with her young son, Elias. She is seen as weak and balding, presumably because of cancer. She takes injections for her illness, although it is left unclear at the beginning exactly what her illness is. As the plane takes off, a group of terrorists take over the plane. As the situation gets progressively worse, the mother becomes increasingly distraught and fearful for her son’s safety. The mother is shot and that’s when things begin to get interesting.

It turns out the woman is a vampire and she is flying to the U.S. to be cured of her vampirism. She is shot by one of the terrorists and she can no longer control her illness. She turns into a full-blown vampire and begins killing the terrorists one by one. However, a few of them don’t die and simply turn into vampires themselves. This becomes a fight to keep her son safe from bloodthirsty vampires. 

In the end, the boy escapes the plane only to find that his mother has fully turned and is now going after him. The boy has gotten the bomb detonator in all the confusion and just before his mother lurches after him, he detonates the bomb, presumably killing his mother and saving himself. 

The ending of ‘Blood Red Sky’ points to a possible sequel

Fans of the movie are quick to point out that it is unclear whether the mother actually dies or not. She is shown engulfed in flames, but there is never a body recovered. Not to mention, Elias may have somehow been infected by one of the other vampires or even his mother. Fans on Reddit are speculating how a sequel could be in the works. Undoubtedly, the movie’s creators are seeing the success of the movie and could be planning for the next. If they don’t already have some ideas in place, they are sure to find a litany of them from fans of the movie. 

The movie has been a big hit among fans

The movie has been so well received by fans that even Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an 84 percent, which is promising for any movie. Given that this movie is technically a foreign film, it’s highly unusual for any of the Netflix top 10 movies to be anything other than English spoken language. However, the majority of the film is in English, so American audiences have been more open to the dialogue of the movie, given that the portions that are in German are dubbed in English. The dubbing is barely noticeable, which is great considering the genre of the movie could have quickly made this film unwatchable if the dubbing was subpar. 

Overall, the film has had great success in the states, despite being technically a foreign film. Whether Blood Red Sky receives a sequel is anyone’s guess at this point. There has been lots of speculation about the movie’s ending, leaving room for a possible second installment — and the ending certainly leaves some unanswered questions and the subject matter leaves room for endless possibilities.

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