Netflix, Amazon Trade Jokes Over ‘Good Omens’ Cancellation Petition


Hey, everyone who signed a petition to get Netflix to cancel the supernatural series “Good Omens,” congrats. The streaming service tweeted that they’re pulling the plug on the show… which is hilarious since it’s on Amazon, not Netflix.
Netflix UK tweeted, “OK, we promise not to make any more,” in response to the petition signed by 20,000 people who protested that the show would “make satanism appear normal, light and acceptable.”
The prompted Amazon to respond: “Hey, Netflix, we’ll cancel ‘Stranger Things’ if you cancel ‘Good Omens.'”
Series creator Neil Gaiman (who cowrote it with the late Terry Pratchett) was also amused by the mix-up.
And please don’t tell anyone that Gaiman already has another series called “American Gods” on Starz, featuring several ancient and new gods. The horror!
“Good Omens,” which stars Michael Sheen as angel Aziraphale and David Tennant as demon Crowley, debuted on May 31 on Amazon Prime Video.
[Via The Mary Sue]

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