Deaf Havana ‘excited’ to release first album as a duo and tease tour surprises

Matty and James Veck-Gilodi are currently preparing for their upcoming UK tour and performances at festivals including Slam Dunk – but as a duo.

The rockers who are slated to release their upcoming album The Present is a Foreign Land on July 15 will headline the Rock Sound stage at Slam Dunk on June 3 and 4.

After a decade together, the group were prepared to split in 2020 but Matty and James continued to go full speed ahead and continue as a duo.

Speaking about working as a duo on their upcoming record, James said: "Mostly, it's easier because there's less people to argue with, less people to appease.

"To be honest, I won't really know until we start playing shows because obviously, we're going to have to get other musicians to come and play with us.

"So that will be different but so far, it's been pretty easy."

Sharing his thoughts on the album, James added: "'I'm very excited to release it

"I was in a positive place when we recorded this, I think it actually does translate into the to record, which is a first for us because normally we're pretty depressing.

"I'm anxious to release it as I am always with music, but this is the proudest of ever been of any record I've ever done."

However, continuing to work as a duo "wasn't a decision", claims Matty who said: "It just sort of happened in that we were writing songs and they just came out as Deaf Havana songs as opposed to something new.

"It just seemed like we had to do that."

"It was more like a 'if we really want to do this, we kind of need to' as opposed to a conscious decision," added James.

He continued: "That's the first time we've ever sort of been like that, it's always historically been like 'we probably have to do this', whereas this was totally organic."

Speaking about headlining Slam Dunk's Rock Sound stage, James said: "It should be fun, it's always really fun and we've always got a lot of friends there.

"We've been a few times and played a few times, it should be really fun."

Reflecting on the tour, he added: "I'm just excited to play any show because we haven't played a show in so long, I'm very anxious."

Matty added: "I want to see if I remember how to do it."

"It's been a long time," said James.

Discussing who they may want to join them on stage, they hinted about having "a couple of ideas".

"We haven't got anything locked in but our friend Carl who's our guitar tech, I think maybe we'll get him to play bass or guitar or something because he probably would be on tour with us," said James.

He continued: "There's a couple of people we're looking at for drums but the offers open really if anyone wants to get involved.

"I want to have fun with it, the main thing I'm looking for is people who actually want to play music and want to be there.

"It's very easy to get bitter about it, I just want people that are really hungry to play music."

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