Hear the Beach Boys Reunite on Charity Re-Recording of 'Add Some Music to Your Day'

Beach Boys Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks have come together to re-record the band’s 1970 classic “Add Some Music to Your Day.” It’s the lead-off single of the new LP California Presents Add Some Music, which arrives on April 23rd.

The album is the brainchild of David Beard, the editor and publisher of the long-running Beach Boys fanzine Endless Summer Quarterly. He brought the various factions of the Beach Boys, minus Brian Wilson, back together for the new version of “Add Some Music to Your Day,” which also includes contributions from Brian Wilson’s daughters Wendy and Carnie Wilson; Al Jardine’s son Matt Jardine; and Mike Love’s children Christian, Hayleigh, and Ambha Love. It was produced by Rob Bonfiglio, who is married to Carnie Wilson and plays guitar in Brian Wilson’s touring band. A portion of the profits will benefit Feeding America.

“It’s a real joy to listen to this new incarnation of the song recorded with so many family members,” Mike Love tells Rolling Stone. “The hope expressed in the lyrics of the song is that music can bring people together. The world in harmony — something that is desperately needed. It’s a sweet song with an uplifting message.”

Al Jardine echoes the sentiment: “It’s been a great pleasure to be involved in this new version of ‘Add Some Music to Your Day,’ something we should always be doing. Having the proceeds go to the charity Feeding America to help feed the hungry is something I truly believe in.”

The album is rounded out by a previously unreleased version of the 1968 Beach Boys song “Friends,” created by the band members’ kids, and various solo tracks by members of the group and their associates, including Mike Love’s “Ram Raj,” Al Jardine’s “Jenny Clover,” David Marks’ “Long Promised Road,” Bruce Johnson’s “She Believes in Love Again,” and Rob Bonfiglio’s “Golden State.”

Earlier this month, the Beach Boys sold a controlling interest in their intellectual property to a new company led by Irving Azoff. They are also contemplating a 60th-anniversary reunion tour, but it has yet to advance beyond the discussion phase.

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