Inside Art Garfunkel's Bond with Blind College Roommate Who Says His Care Was ‘End of Hopelessness’

Greenberg, who after graduate studies at Harvard and Oxford, went on to be a philanthropist, well-connected public servant (Al Gore and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are close friends) and inventor, says he’s spent the intervening decades weighed down by “a debt that cannot be paid because it stands outside of measure.”

The two men stayed close even as Greenberg started a family while Garfunkel traveled the world as a star. "He took me everywhere, whether it was Saturday Night Live, or I stood next to him when he was recording Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. He was on a stool. He asked me to come and stand next to him while he sang. Talk about a beautiful experience! He could have passed me by, but he stayed loyal. And that's a tough thing to do when you're a world-famous star," marvels Greenberg.

But Garfunkel sees a clean balance sheet. With Sandy, “my real life emerged,” he says. “I became a better guy in my own eyes and began to see who I was — somebody who gives to a friend.”

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