MasterChef contestant says competition was so intense it made her faint

An amateur chef who appeared on MasterChef has revealed some of the show's secrets, claiming the competition was so intense that she fainted twice.

Elise Mayfield featured of season five of the US cooking show in 2014 and described the process as "continually more difficult".

Speaking to AV Club, said said: "The more mistakes I made, the more the guilt built up. And, based on the fact that I already had an anxiety disorder, I was in the most anxiety-inducing place I could possibly be."

Elise was so nervous about the upcoming tasks, she was sleeping around "five or six hours a night".

She said: "We did the diner challenge and I almost passed out. They gave me some glucose and said it was a low blood sugar thing."

It was in her final challenge, which involved fileting Alaskan salmons, that Elise suffered an injury.

She recalled: "I’m cutting it, and then I cut into the fish, and I’m like, 'why did I just do that?' I stepped back. I was like, 'wait a minute. something is wrong. Oh my god, I’m gonna pass out'.

"And I’m holding this super sharp filet knife. I’m covered in salmon. I say, 'medic,' and I’m trying to speak very quietly because we had our lapel mics on.

"So I wasn’t saying it very loudly. I didn’t realise Chef Ramsay was directly behind me at the station, and so he sees the commotion and is like, 'what’s going on?'

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"And, because I’m covered in salmon, he’s like, “she’s cut herself!'

"I said, 'No, but I am about to pass out'. Luckily, he ended up being behind me to catch me when I passed out."

Elise praised TV chef Gordon Ramsay, who was host and judge for the series. She said: "He really cared about us as people.".

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