Right Said Fred trolled after attending anti-lockdown protest in London

Right Said Fred have found themselves the victims of relentless trolling after they attended the anti-lockdown protest on Saturday, September 26.

Brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass have been criticised online after one protester shared a photo of them on Twitter.

Posing in between the two siblings, Scott Rock wrote alongside the picture: "What an absolute breath of fresh air to have Richard and Fred (legends) openly attending the ‘we do not consent’ London event.

"Chico's great but I think we need more brave celebs doing this to help wake the others," he added.

However, fellow Twitter users were not so complimentary and quickly commented on the snap – with many leaving sarcastic comments.

"Errr the Right Said Fred aren't legends mate, they're helmets," one person replied.

Another person posted: "You gotta laugh at 'Legends' though [laughing emoji] When have they ever done anything worthwhile or relevant?

"They were objects of ridicule in the early 90s and now, knowing they're Covidiots, just adds fuel to that fire."

A third person added: "Legends really?," while a fourth said: "They are neither brave or legends."

Many others poked fun at the duo's most popular song I'm Too sexy and suggested they could release a new version about not wearing face masks.

Referring to the protest last weekend, Right Said Fred told their 13.5k followers: "There was a really good atmosphere in Trafalgar Square today."

They also retweeted plenty of videos from the event – some which showed police allegedly "punching a woman".

The brothers later went on a blocking spree as they hit out at the haters in a scathing tweet.

"If the best you’ve got is Far Right Said Fred, Deeply S**tty, Too Sexy For My Mask, Bald C**ts or t**ts then don’t be surprised if you’re blocked for being predictable and boring," they wrote.

They then added: "We forgot Wrong Said Fred… that’s some clever f***ing word play right there."

When one Twitter user called them out over the Q Anon sign in the picture, they replied: "That’s the foundation of free speech, allowing people to express themselves.

"It’s irrelevant who we agree with or disagree with."

Another then added: "But then you are blocking people," to which the pop stars replied: "Of course, it’s social media, it’s not real life. Plus predictable insults deserve no better treatment."

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