The Song At Biden’s Inauguration Special That Threw Subtle Shade At Trump

Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day has been a very emotional day for many Americans, many of whom are excited to start a new term. Not only that, but the musical selection has a lot of viewers in their feels, specifically the performance of “Seasons of Love” from the iconic musical Rent. Of course that song is just an automatic tearjerker for many people, who had no problem sharing their emotional responses on social media. 

One woman tweeted a selfie, writing, “actual photo of me right now completely caught off guard and with tears in my eyes when freaking seasons of love started and all my freaking favorites are in this montage omg.” Someone else shared, “Who knew it’d take Seasons of Love to finally make me shed a tear.”

Another tweeter joked that she was “numb” with “nothing left to feel” until the “Seasons of Love” performance, that is. A social media user shared a GIF of Steve Carrell tearing up in character on The Office, writing, “Ok, this Broadway medley of Seasons of Love & Let The Sun Shine just about broke me. OMG, WHAT IS THIS FEELING?!?!? Is that…HOPE?!?” 

There’s no doubt that the “Seasons of Love” performance invoked an emotional response in many viewers, but it also solicited some chuckles from people who thought that the song selection was actually some shade thrown at outgoing President Donald Trump.

Was the music inspirational or shady toward Donald Trump?

Usually, “Seasons of Love” is just one of those thought-provoking songs, but perhaps it was just a little bit shady at the inauguration. The Gregory Brothers did a spoof of the track, integrating audio from Donald Trump’s phone call with Georgia officials where he said “I just want to find 11,780 votes” (via Variety). They called the parody “11,780 Votes.” Michael Gregory told Variety, “‘Seasons of Love’ is the quintessential high number song.'” He went on to explain, “There are tons of low-number songs competing for the throne — like, you might get Miley Cyrus or Feist stuck in your head with numbers under 10. But when it comes to lots of digits and few zeroes, this is the song, and that’s why we made this, because Trump kept fixating on 11,780.”

“Celebrating America” viewers detected the shade, tweeting, “Well I guess this Seasons of Love performance is a bit of a Trump troll too…” along with a link to that Variety interview. Another person said, “Kind of bummed we couldn’t hear the Trump looking for votes with Raffensberger phone call version of ‘Seasons of Love.'” Regardless of the intention of the song selection, it was a perfect choice because it could be seen as inspirational and shady, which is a tough balance for one song to achieve. 

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