A 'Gilmore Girls' Challenge Is Live on BitLife Right Now

Gilmore Girls was a bit of a niche series when it first premiered. Netflix has changed that. The streaming provider has helped the show find new fans, and with the new fan base has come new collaborations. Last year, there was a Gilmore Girls makeup collaboration with Ulta. Now, fans of the series can compete in a Gilmore Girls challenge on BitLife. Here is everything you need to know. 

What is BitLife? 

BitLife is a mobile game that allows players to live a simulated life. The game asks players to make decisions based on their own moral compass or complete challenges to unlock rewards. During life, a player can amass a huge fortune, go broke, father dozens of children, become famous, and everything in between.

Next, players will need to complete every available activity with their mother, mimicking Lorelai and Rory’s close relationship. Players will also need to go to college, study Journalism, and cheat with an ex. Finally, players will need to get pregnant with an ex-boyfriend to complete the challenge. The final requirement shows just how much thought BitLife put into the challenge. Not only did the developers draw inspiration from Gilmore Girls, but from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the Netflix revival. There is no requirement inspired by Luke Danes, but that’s probably because he hated cell phones.

Do all the collaborations hint at a future second revival? 

A second Netflix revival is not currently in the works, despite interest from Amy Sherman-Palladino, the fans, and many cast members. However, fans of the series can’t help but wonder if all the renewed interest in the series could eventually lead to Netflix ordering a second revival. 

While anything is possible, there is no official word on a second season. Still, all the attention surely can’t hurt. We can bet Lauren Graham, Scott Patterson, and Milo Ventimiglia would all be on board if another revival were to happen. All three actors have expressed an interest in returning to the fictional town of Stars Hollow once more. Alexis Bledel is the only major cast member who hasn’t openly spoken about their interest in returning. 

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