Alan Sugar blasts fame-hungry Apprentice candidates on show for ‘wrong reasons’

Alan Sugar has taken aim at "fame-hungry" Apprentice candidates who are on the show "for the wrong reasons".

The discerning 72-year-old business mogul is about to star in his 15th series of the hit BBC One show and has opened up about finding the right contestants every year.

Appearing at the Apprentice's launch in London earlier today, he admitted that some candidates in the past had been more keen to find fame but they eventually managed to pick them out.

Questioned on whether he ever worried about people taking part in the show for the wrong reason, Lord Sugar said: "I don’t worry about it, I know it’s a fact that sometimes they come for the wrong reasons.

"While we do as best as possible and the BBC do as best as possible to ensure in screening those people and asking them those questions, there is no question of a doubt some of them do come for the wrong reason.

"Nevertheless we weed them out throughout the course of the process and they don’t get the fame that they were trying to get, and we end up with proper contestants who are there for the right reasons and have a business mind.

"But I must say, not many slip through the net, talking about 16 candidates, there may be a couple that are there for the wrong reasons."

He later spoke about how he was glad that the format of the show had changed in 2011 from the winner winning a job to them going to business with him.

Lord Sugar said: "It was very difficult in the early days to try to find or create a job for somebody, so the 50/50 business venture has turned out to be a sparkling winner.

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