Below Deck boss details steamy scenes cut from Bravo series ‘Too wild for TV’

Below Deck season 9 preview

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A ninth season of Below Deck is setting sail next month, and reality fans are still catching up on the chaos aboard the My Seanna in Below Deck Mediterranean. As the Bravo series gets ready to embark on another charter, Mark Cronin has confirmed not everything will make it into the final edit.

Producer and series creator Mark Cronin has alluded to a number of steamy behind-the-scenes moments across Below Deck’s nine seasons.

Beginning in 2013, the seafaring reality series has seen plenty of troubled waters over the years.

Each charter has also witnessed its fair share of onboard romances, and viewers are hoping this year’s voyage will be no different.

Unfortunately, audiences won’t be privy to some of the more intimate goings-on, as Cronin recently revealed in an interview with

The producer explained: “There is stuff that happens that’s too wild for television, usually sexually.”

Although Below Deck has featured some of the most lurid moments in reality television history, the cameras are still turned off at critical points to respect the crew’s privacy.

Cronin and the show’s producers also take care to ensure the cast are comfortable with what’s shown to the public before the footage is broadcast.

He continued: “We always actually stop the cameras for a moment and say to both parties who might be about to engage in sexual activity, ‘Are you both okay with this?’”

The superyacht’s staff are always at liberty to turn off the cameras if they decide things are getting a little hot and heavy.

That being said, viewers have still been given a front row seat to the action at several points across Below Deck’s eight seasons so far.

The showrunner reiterated that any scenes of a sexual nature included in the series were fully endorsed by those involved.

“We ask separately, and we make sure that there’s not some bad thing going on from that standpoint,” he said.

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“Once we’re satisfied that this is mutually consensual, then we’ll pull out the cameras and off they go.”

Unfortunately, some uncomfortable moments still manage to slip through the cracks.

Viewers are still furious with stewardess Lexi Wilson’s actions after she appeared to force herself onto deckhand Lloyd Spencer in the latest entry of Below Deck Med.

Plus, the series has landed itself in hot water in the past after it was accused of dismissing instances of sexual assault, including Jen Howell’s unpleasant experience with a passenger back in season five.

In his interview, Cronin claimed the cast have dropped the level of secrecy that used to come with a stint on one of Below Deck’s superyachts.

“That has gone away,” he added. “The people who come on Below Deck now understand what the show is about.”

With cameras rolling nearly 24/7, anything could happen when the luxurious My Seanna sets sail on screens once again this October.

Below Deck season 9 premieres on Monday, October 25 on Bravo. Episodes are available to stream a week early on Peacock.

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