'Chicago P.D.' Season 9: Jay Halstead Doesn't Rat Out Hank Voight to the FBI, Fall Finale Synopsis Reveals

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  • The FBI wants Jay Halstead to turn on Hank Voight at the end of Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 8.
  • The synopsis for Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 9 reveals Jay Halstead and Hank Voight seem to work together.
  • The fall season finale airs Dec. 8, 2021, at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

[Spoiler alert: Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 8 spoilers ahead.]

Fans of NBC’s One Chicago universe can’t wait for the return of Chicago P.D. Season 9. Early on in the season, viewers watched as Hailey Upton grappled with killing Roy Walton and keeping it all a secret from Jay Halstead. Now, Halstead knows everything — and the FBI is threatening him for answers. However, according to the Chicago P.D. fall season finale synopsis, it seems Halstead sides with Voight.

Jay Halstead has a major decision to make in ‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9 Episode 9

Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 8 showed possible trouble ahead for Hailey Upton, Jay Halstead, and Hank Voight. At the end of season 8, Upton killed Roy Walton after she witnessed a private scuffle between Walton and Voight. As a result, she and Voight chose to keep Walton’s death a secret, and Voight disposed of the body. It seemed like Upton had no intention of telling Halstead, her now-fiancé, about Walton’s death, either — but he knew something was going on. Eventually, Halstead learned the truth about Walton’s death from Voight, and it put the two at serious odds.

In episode 8, the FBI questioned Upton for answers about her involvement with Walton’s death — but she gave them nothing to work with. Halstead also refused to give FBI Agent Walker North any information. But North then threatened Halstead. North stated Halstead can either help the FBI put Voight away for good over Walton’s death, as the FBI found Walton’s body, or both Halstead and Upton will take the fall.

The synopsis for episode 9 reveals Jay Halstead doesn’t seem to rat out Hank Voight

Will Jay Halstead take the FBI bait and work against Hank Voight in Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 9? According to One Chicago Center, the synopsis for the fall season finale makes it seem like Voight and Halstead will work together.

“With the FBI closing in on the Roy Walton investigation, Voight and Halstead strategize on a way out,” NBC’s official synopsis for the episode reads.

When Halstead first heard the truth about Walton, it seemed like he was totally done working with the Intelligence Unit. Additionally, it seemed like his relationship with Hailey Upton would be in jeopardy. And we can’t forget how he hit Voight when Voight told him what happened. With the synopsis revealing Voight and Halstead will strategize with each other to work through the issue as a team, this gives hope that Halstead, Voight, and Upton will remain close for future seasons.

When is the ‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9 fall finale?

The Chicago P.D. Season 9 fall finale airs Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021, at 10 p.m. EST on NBC. The fall finales for both Chicago Fire Season 10 and Chicago Med Season 7 also happen on the same night in their usual time slots. All three shows return after their holiday hiatus that began after Nov. 10, 2021. After Dec. 8, all three One Chicago shows go on hiatus once again until January 2022.

NBC released images for the Chicago P.D. fall finale on Dec. 6, 2021. The images appear to show a lot of conversation between Voight and Halstead, as suspected. While newly released images could give fans an idea of what’s to come, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in episode 9.

Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 9 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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