'Competition is the spice of life' – DWTS producer unfazed by rivals The Masked Singer and Dancing on Ice

Dancing With The Stars boss Larry Bass said “competition is the spice of life” when asked about the exciting look and huge popularity of Britain’s new show The Masked Singer.

Mr Bass, who produces Dancing With The Stars for RTE One, spoke in the wake of the early success of the new ITV show.

Its first episode attracted a staggering 5.5 million viewers.

The new series of Dancing On Ice, another British show, will also be aired on Sundays, a direct competitor for Dancing With The Stars.

“Competition is the spice of life,” Mr Bass said.

“It makes you up your game and sharpen your pencil.

“That is why we have upped a lot of things for this year, so bring it on.”

When asked if he hoped Virgin Media would bring back Ireland’s Got Talent, Mr Bass, CEO of the ShinAwil production company, said: “These are big shows. They’re expensive shows.

“It’s something that in the current climate, obviously the resources maybe don’t stretch that far, but hopefully they will be back.”

The TV executive said if Virgin Media “wants to get an audience”, it needs to be competitive with shows.

“If you don’t have the right programmes on, people won’t listen or watch,” he said.

The Masked Singer has completely flipped on its head the format of a reality talent show, by staging a top-secret singing competition in which stars compete against each other and appear in costumes with face masks to conceal their identities.

“It (The Masked Singer) did very well,” he said.

“It’s very early doors. We’ll wait and see. Like a lot of these shows, you need to see how they will sustain over a period of time and if you’re looking for a show to replace dancing, it needs to show that hits all the demographics, all the age groups, and sustain for 12 weeks, over two hours.

“That isn’t an easy ask, so I think The Masked Singer is a really good, fresh show.

“It has a fresh trick.

“It was very similar to when I watched The Voice the first time and saw the chairs spinning around.

“But let’s see how it sustains, because with The Voice, there was an issue with it after you went through the blind auditions – it really did tail and it was the same as every other talent show.

“The Masked Singer is very different. If that show is going to be successful globally, they would have to find a way to do it outside of the markets, outside the US and the UK.”

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