Coronation Street fans convinced Nick’s ex Natasha will return with his secret son amid tragic Ollie illness plot

CORRIE fans are convinced Nick’s ex Natasha will return with his secret son amid Ollie’s terminal illness plot. 

It was recently revealed that actress Rachel Leskovac returned to the Weatherfield set this week, ten years after her character Natasha Blakeman left. 

When Natasha departed in the back of a taxi a decade ago, she left a heartbroken Nick Tilsley behind after the two had a very messy break up. 

Nick and Natasha’s relationship history is a rocky one. Back in 2010 Nick dumped Natasha and even when she discovered she was pregnant with his child he refused to take her back, resulting in her terminating the pregnancy.

Nick soon realised his mistake and asked her to take him back, which she did, but it was too late to stop the termination. 

Natasha kept the news of the abortion a secret until Gail found out and told a devastated Nick who left Natasha once again. 

Broken-hearted, Natasha took an overdose but was found by Nick, and shortly afterwards she left Weatherfield.

But did she really have an abortion? Corrie fans are convinced she didn't and will return with Nick's secret child.

Posting to Twitter, one shared their thoughts: "OMG Natasha is going to come back with Nick's secret baby"

"What are the chances that Natasha didn't actually get rid of the baby all those years ago?," penned another.

A third worried: "I honestly don’t know how to feel about Natasha’s return. I really don’t want a secret child or an affair. Having an affair during Oliver’s illness storyline would be very irresponsible and tacky"

And now life is about to get a lot more complicated for Nick when he bumps into his former flame at a chance encounter at the hospital. 

Will this blast from the past put extra strain on Nick and Leanne’s already fragile relationship?

The couple are struggling to deal with Oliver’s devastating diagnosis of an incurable form of mitochondrial disease.

Nick has been finding it hard to know how to help Leanne, having to watch her suffer as she struggles to come to terms with what the future holds. 

As Oliver’s step-dad Nick will start to feel increasingly sidelined as Leanne and Steve are forced to make difficult decisions about his treatment.

During a visit to the hospital in the early autumn Nick is surprised to see his ex Natasha, and the pair catch up on their news. 

It’s telling that Nick is reluctant to tell Leanne about the chance meeting. Will Natasha’s reappearance create a bigger rift between Nick and Leanne?

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