Corrie spoilers: Asha and Nina romance, Summer left to die, Simon in danger

The teenage crew of Coronation Street head to centre stage this week as the romance between Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) and Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) heats up.

Meanwhile, Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) is caught in the crossfire of Todd Grimshaw’s (Gareth Pierce) scheming and Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) ends up in a terrifying situation.

Monday February 1 Part One

A nervous Paul readies himself for court while Todd sneakily calls Will. On Todd’s instructions, Will breaks his way into the flat. Summer walks in and catches Will smashing things up.

Asha has her first shift at the cafe. When Corey comes in, Nina applauds when Asha tells him that he is dumped. Aadi runs some business ideas past an impressed Dev.

Peter goes to the Rovers for some lunch but the smell puts him off and he hurries out.

Tyrone confides in Dev that he wishes he hadn’t asked Alina to move in. Simon realises that Leanne is behind with the bills but Leanne refuses to ask Nick. Simon goes to his friend Jacob, who lends him some money.

Monday February 1 Part Two

Summer dashes out but is hit by a van. Craig calls to investigate the burglary and Paul admits what has happened with Will and Billy is furious. Todd pays off Will and sends him packing.

Peter admits that he has been tipping his medicinal whisky down the sink so Ken makes him knock back a small measure.

As Nina and Asha tidy up, Asha lists all of her mistakes. Nina gazes at her tenderly and Roy enters, interrupting the atmosphere. He offers Asha the job.

Alina emerges from the bathroom wearing only a small towel, leaving Tyrone flustered. Simon is pleased to get some shopping in and sorted the electricity situation out.

Wednesday February 3 Part One

Billy orders Paul to tidy up the mess as he collects Summer from hospital. Todd pretends to be shocked to hear about Will. Paul realises that his relationship is hanging in the balance as Billy has another go at him.

Asha suggests to Nina that they meet up later. Dev returns home to find Asha dressed up but he is shocked to hear her date is with Nina.

Late for his shift, Simon dumps his bike but after talking to Jacob, he sees that his bike has been stolen.

Aadi announces he is conducting Evelyn’s performance review, she is unimpressed and Dev implores him not to wind her up.

Wednesday Febraury 3 Part Two

Paul’s anger turns to despair as Billy asserts that he must put Summer first. Todd feels a pang of guilt and when Paul spills his heart out, he is uneasy.

Asha invites Nina for tea and assures her that Dev will be cool with it. As Dev talks to Roy, Roy tells him he should be pleased Asha felt she could share this with him.

Simon confides in Jacob that he might lose his job. Simon is lent a bike from Jacob and Kelly has a word of warning.

Tyrone tells Alina that he has arranged for Alina to move into the salon flat but Fiz is fuming. A man checks out Jenny – so Daisy grabs his phone number.

Friday February 5

Hour long episode.

Simon readies to leave with the delivery, Jacob tells him he has a job for him.

Imran asks Leanne when she might return to work but she panics and resigns for her job.

Gail takes a phone call and she learns that her father Ted has died so she heads to London for the funeral.

Jenny visits Johnny and he tells her that his MS is worsening. Back home, Daisy tells Jenny that she should leave her husband.

Bernie urges Paul not to give up on Summer. Paul turns up at the flat with a gift for her. Debbie invites Abi to a bistro relaunch party – and she announces that No.8 is going up for auction leaving Tracy thrilled.

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