'Counting On': At Least 1 Duggar Family Member Has a Giant TV in Their Home

By now, Duggar family followers know that not all the Duggar kids follow the family’s strict rules and guidelines. Jill Duggar and Jinger Duggar have opted to wear pants. Jessa Duggar, who appears to be adhering most closely to her parents’ values, allows her children to watch shows like Peppa Pig. Even Joy and Austin have taken a step back and avoided some of the stricter guidelines that their parents raised them within. It should come as no shock, then, that some of the Duggars own televisions, Regardless of Jim Bob and Michelle’s thoughts on the matter. Still, a recent Instagram post by Anna Duggar shocked and surprised followers.

Jim Bob and Michelle have suggested televisions separate families

Jim Bob and Michelle have a series of very strict rules for their children. Besides adhering to traditional gender roles, the Duggar kids were expected to raise their siblings, avoid all forms of modern media, and complete both school and a bevy of chores every day. The amount they were expected to do didn’t leave a ton of time for television watching. Even if they had free time, it wouldn’t have been possible. The Duggar family didn’t own a TV by the time most of the Duggar kids were born.

Jim Bob and Michelle have spoken about their thoughts on the media in their book, The Duggars: 20 and Counting!. In the non-fiction offering, the couple explained that they had a TV briefly during the earliest years of their marriage. They said they gave it away when they noticed they weren’t connecting as a couple as often. They have maintained the no TV rule ever since.

Josh and Anna Duggar own a TV set, deviating from the Duggar family norm

While Michelle and Jim Bob prefer to keep their media viewing to a minimum, Josh and Anna Duggar are not doing the same. In a recent Instagram post, Anna announced that she allows her children to watch some television. The photo featured the couple’s youngest child, Maryella, watching some HGTV.

The post appeared to be an advertisement for Discovery’s streaming service. Still, the TV seems to belong to Josh and Anna. They aren’t dealing with a tiny TV either. The flatscreen panel appears to take up a good portion of the otherwise blank warehouse wall. Anna didn’t share what other content the family enjoys watching.

Josh and Anna’s giant TV is actually pretty shocking

While it’s not surprising to see one of the Duggar kids owning a large television, family critics are surprised that, out of all of the Duggar kids, Josh is the one to have it. While he might be the oldest child of Jim Bob and Michelle, he’s also the one fans suspect is most heavily controlled by his parents.

After returning from Washington D.C. amid scandal, Josh quickly began working for his father. Things have only gotten worse for Josh and Anna since. Back-to-back scandals in 2015, followed by a federal raid on the car lot Josh was running in 2019, has left him basically unemployable. Along with his wife and six children, Josh is believed to be residing inside a warehouse on Jim Bob and Michelle’s Springdale, Arkansas property. Presumably, he relies on Jim Bob for money to survive. 

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