Did They or Didn't They? Leah Messer Gets Flirty with Ex Jeremy Calvert on 'Teen Mom 2' Premiere

The two claim nothing happened, but Leah’s sister isn’t buying it.

The "Teen Mom 2" reunion may have separated all the show’s stars from each other … but it also could have brought Leah Messer and ex-husband Jeremy Calvert closer together, too.

In the season premiere, cameras followed Leah as she, her sister Victoria and her ex all met up in New York City to film the show’s reunion special. It was the first time in ages Messer and Calvert had hung out with each other without having their daughter, Adalynn, around.

Little Addie has made it known she’d love to see her parents get back together following their split in 2015 — as have more than a few very vocal fans.

When asked by Victoria how things are between them, Messer said, "We are cool. We’re both single, we can hang out if we want." Her sister also wondered why Jeremy was staying at the same hotel as them, implying something secret could be going on there. "Probably so he’s around somebody he knows," Leah replied.

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After Calvert arrived in NYC, he and Messer went out, sharing photos from their night on social media. That set off her followers.

"I posted some pictures and now everybody’s commenting, asking if we’re back together," said Leah in a confessional, before she, Jeremy and Victoria met up later. As they caught up, Messer revealed she hadn’t spoken to her ex-boyfriend Jason Jordan in a month and said she was "single again" and "back on the prowl."

Victoria kept pushing their buttons, saying that "when you two are together, you’re not single." Jeremy shot back, "I’m gonna throat punch your sister."

She then asked Leah what time she got back to their hotel room, saying, "I’m pretty sure she was sneaking in at 7:00 this morning!" Calvert said Victoria was confused, saying the two were up early and met up at the gym — but Messer’s sister still wasn’t buying it.

It only got more awkward when Leah and Jeremy sat down together to film their segment of the reunion, as both Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa kept trying to see if there was still a spark between them. "This weekend, we’ve had fun," said Leah, prompting "ooohs" and "aaahs" from the studio audience.

After Calvert went back home on a separate flight, Leah admitted that she "wanted the weekend to last a little longer," but also didn’t "wanna get too worked out" about Jeremy.

"I’m okay having fun times with Addie and feeling it out. I’m okay with all that," she confided in her sister. "At the end of the day, I am thinking about it. I would never want to do anything that would hurt her in the long run. If it didn’t work out."

It seems like she and Jeremy are on the same page when it comes to confusion over their relationship status. When he texted her saying they "had a lot of people’s minds going WTF" with their behavior, Leah told him, "People’s? My mind is like that!" He agreed, texting her back, "Lol same."

"Teen Mom 2" airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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