Doctor Who fans gobsmacked as they spot Inbetweeners comedy legend making cameo

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Doctor Who fans were left gobsmacked on Sunday evening, as they spotted a very familiar comedy legend making a cameo in the BBC science fiction show.

Blake Harrison – best known for playing Neil in The Inbetweeners – appeared in an apocalyptic land in Doctor Who Flux, in search of a new planet on which to live after the Flux attempted to destroy the galaxy.

However, the planet escape had a more sinister motive, as the mysterious Passenger attempted to take the citizens away from their homeland to an "endless prison".

Gobsmacked fans turned to Twitter to share their impressions of Blake's performance, with one writing: "Nah because I'm actually losing it over the fact that Neil from The Inbetweeners is now officially part of the Doctor Who universe!"

Someone else chimed in: "Is that Neil from The Inbetweeners?!"

As another fan included the iconic 'Friends' thumbs-up from the Channel 4 comedy show, with the caption: "When you see Neil from Inbetweeners on Doctor Who!"

However, it isn't even the first time Blake has been inducted into the Whoniverse.

In 2018 he lent his voice to an audio drama dubbed The Heliax Rift starring Peter Davison as The Doctor, before reappearing in a second drama, Hour of the Cybermen alongside Colin Baker.

He also appeared in Warlock's Cross opposite Sylvester McCoy.

Speaking of his latest role, Blake said: "It’s a pleasure to be a part of this huge show that has such a passionate fan base! I hope all the Doctor Who fans enjoy the new series and my role in it."

His cameo role comes as Blake has spoken about his career-defining moments in The Inbetweeners, including that the robotic dance moves his character Neil used to pull are now the "bane of his life".

Blake said: "I might have got a couple of snogs off the back of a few dance moves in my time.

"For me, it was always hit the dance floor as much as possible with good tunes, break out a few decent moves and see if anyone is magnetised to the moves. Then Inbetweeners comes along, I use it, and then I’ve never been able to dance again – it’s the bane of my life.

"I used to be a right laugh at weddings and stuff like that.

"Now whenever I’m at a ­wedding, if I go even near the dance floor, you see guests pulling their phones out to try and film you. And you’re like 'ah, I can’t do it now.'"

He has also said he regrets using phrases like 'bus w*nker' in the programme,

It’s weird ‘cos you think, well I don’t think I’ve given the world anything great," he admitted on the Distraction Pieces podcast.

"It’s like the word 'clunge'. Or people shouting 'bus w*nkers' at people standing at bus stops.

"I’d kind of rather people didn’t do that. It doesn’t feel like the nicest or the best thing in the world to have contributed."

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