Dua Lipa under fire for posting 'Stay At Home' message before 'jetting around the world' and ignoring social distancing

DUA Lipa has come under fire for urging fans to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic while jetting off on an exotic holiday with family.

During the first UK lockdown the singer posted a special video encouraging people to do their bit to stop the spread of the virus by staying indoors.

She wrote "PSA – STAY AT HOME" and followed it with a heartbreak emoji.

But fast forward nine months and Dua has jetted off to Mexico with boyfriend Anwar, despite cases and deaths continuing to soar in the US and UK.

Sharing her lockdown clip, one fan wrote: "The way she tweeted this then jetted around the world, during a global pandemic, with her Anti-Vax boyfriend.

Another wrote sarcastically: "STAY AT HOME (so I can travel without the crowds."

While a third said: "Needless travel, weather within guidelines or not, puts us all at risk of infection. Use a little common sense ffs."

Others pointed out her holiday crew weren't social distancing in the pics shared on Instagram.

In one snap, she dressed in a glam outfit and wrapped an arm around her sister in front of a picturesque backdrop.

Dua has been based in the US since last summer, moving to the States to be closer to boyfriend Anwar.

For those living in the UK, trips abroad are currently only allowed if for work purposes or another legally permitted reason.

Anwar recently told fans in a Q&A that he won't be getting a coronavirus vaccine.

He wrote on Instagram: "Either I just don't get it or I get it.

"And god willing heal from and get antibodies rather than do that process unnaturally, our bodies are made by the creator to do way more than we think."

Social media sites erupted, with followers voicing their surprise and labelling him an anti-vaxxer.

It prompted Anwar, who has Lyme disease, to insist he isn't, but rather he assesses each vaccine individually and the effects it could have on his compromised immune system.

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