EastEnders bombshell as Stacey Slater returns to Square with new wife Eve

Stacey Slater has returned to EastEnders and dropped the bombshell she's married again – to a woman named Eve.

She revealed she had tied the knot with her fellow cellmate Eve after striking up a romance during her spell in prison.

The news came as a huge shock to ex Martin Fowler, played by James Bye, who was hoping they could salvage their relationship.

And in another blow, Stacey also asked Martin if he could help her break the news of her marriage to the children.

Also during the programme, Stacey was desperate for a shower amidst boiler issues, so broke into the Panesar's home to use their bathroom as Suki Panesar was being unreasonable about the situation.

However, this led to the Panesars blaming Stacey for Jags' watch going missing so Kheerat went straight to Stacey to accuse her theft.

But Stacey defended her name and denied the crime when it soon came to light that it was actually one of her children had done it when they found the watch in their house.

Stacey realised the error and was going to take the watch back to its rightful owner but then got a visit from her probation officer.

However, the whole situation led to Suki paying Stacey a visit to let her know that she was evicting her.

Despite this, Stacey's probation officer decided to let her off for the watch incident but told her she had to sort out the situation with her landlord.

The officer also brought up the subject of Stacey's new wife Eve.

The probation officer said: "I was very pleased when I’d heard Eve had got married and had a wife.

"But Stacey, you need a lot more than love to see you through!"

Stacey's mum Jean was left confused which led to Stacey explaining what she got up to in prison.

Stacey said: "I got married, mum! Eve is my wife!"

Eve will make arrive on the Square in Friday’s October 29th edition of the BBC One soap.

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